Cartref / Mae technegwyr labordy meddygol a chlinigol disgrifiad swydd / Tasgau ac atebolrwydd templed

Mae technegwyr labordy meddygol a chlinigol disgrifiad swydd / Tasgau ac atebolrwydd templed

Berfformio arholiadau labordy gofal iechyd fod yn rhaglen ar gyfer eich rhagolygon, Rhwymedi, ac atal afiechyd. Efallai y bydd yn perfformio o dan oruchwyliaeth y technolegydd meddygol.

Gofyniad sgiliau Gyrfa
  • Conduct chemical analyses for example bloodstream or pee, o hylifau corff, utilizing automated or microscope analyzer to find illnesses or irregularities and enter findings into computer.
  • Examine the results of studies or assessments to make sure conformity to specs, using unique physical or electrical devices.
  • Tissues samples or accumulate bloodstream from sufferers, observing maxims of asepsis to obtain blood Template.
  • Supervise or show laboratory assistants or other techs.
  • Prepare reagents or typical volumetric solutions to become coupled with examples, next standardised remedies or fresh methods.
  • Creu, cadw, raddnodi, glân, and check sterility of healthcare laboratory gear.
  • Evaluate and document examination data to matter stories that use maps, mapiau, or narratives.
  • Accomplish medical research to help expand manage or heal infection.
  • Carryout blood testing regarding transfusion uses and accomplish body matters.
  • Attain specimens, identifying, creu, and determining microbes for evaluation.
  • Examine tissue stained using dye to locate problems.
  • Consult with a pathologist when unusual cells are observed to determine a final examination.
  • Inoculate fertilized ovum, broths using creatures.
  • Toriad, blemish, and attach tissues examples regarding evaluation.
  • Examination recycleables, swyddogaethau, or done products to ascertain quantity or excellent of materials or faculties of a substance.

Angen arferion gwaith
  • Reading Knowledge-Comprehending paragraphs and created paragraphs in work paperwork that are related.
  • Active Listening-Supplying total awareness of what others assert, having time to understand the items being made, gofyn cwestiynau fel delfrydol, and not mesmerizing at inappropriate occasions.
  • Writing-Interacting successfully written down not as inappropriate for the requirements of the market.
  • Siarad-sgwrsio ag eraill i sôn am wybodaeth briodol.
  • Cyflogi mathemateg Mathemateg i ddatrys materion.
  • Technology-Applying controlled policies and techniques to fix issues.
  • Critical Thinking-Employing reason and thought to recognize disadvantages and the advantages of alternative answers, canlyniadau neu ddulliau i anawsterau.
  • Active-Learning-Understanding fresh information’s significance regarding each present and future problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Strategies-Employing and picking education/instructional practices and processes befitting the problem when understanding or educating items that are new.
  • Tracking-TrackingANDExamining efficiency of oneself, unigolion eraill, or companies take corrective action or to make enhancements.
  • Cymdeithasol wybod craffter rhai erailla ymatebion pam maen nhw'n ymddwyn oherwydd maent yn ei wneud a dealltwriaeth.
  • Camau addasu rheolaeth mewn perthynas ag eraill’ gweithgareddau.
  • Marketing-Begging others to improve actions or their minds.
  • Discussion-Taking others jointly and looking to reconcile variances.
  • Cyfarwyddo-cyfarwyddo eraill sut yn union i wneud rhywbeth.
  • Company Orientation-Actively looking for ways to assist persons.
  • Advanced Problem-Solving-Determining intricate problems and critiquing linked information implement options and to build up and assess alternatives.
  • Businesses Research-Considering needs and solution specifications to make a style.
  • Engineering Design-Technologies to function user and creating or aligning equipment requirements.
  • Equipment Selection-Identifying the sort of equipment and tools needed to do a job.
  • Ychwanegu gosod peiriannau, cynhyrchion, gwifrau, neu rhaglenni i gwrdd â nodweddion.
  • Programming-Publishing computer packages for applications that are several.
  • Gweithrediadau dangosyddion monitro weld galwadau, or different indicators indicators to be sure a machine is performing correctly.
  • Procedure and Handle-Handling functions of equipment or techniques.
  • Weithredu cynnal a chadw arferol cynnal a chadw offer ar ddyfeisiau a nodi pan fydd.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying factors behind blunders that are running and deciding what direction to go about this.
  • Repairing-Restoring programs or models utilising the essential tools.
  • Quality Control Examination-Doing investigations and assessments of items, gwasanaethau, neu weithdrefnau i farnu effeithiolrwydd neu ansawdd.
  • View and Decision-Making-Considering the relative expenses and great things about likely activities to find the one that is most appropriate.
  • Analysis-Identifying what sort of technique should perform and just how improvements in the environment, busnesau, along with situations may influence outcomes.
  • Systems Evaluation-Distinguishing methods or indications of performance as well as the activities needed seriously to enhance or proper efficiency, unol ag amcanion y peiriant.
  • Time-Management-Handling one’s personal moment.
  • Management of Financial Resources-Determining how cash will soon be spent to have the task accomplished, ac yn cadw cyfrifon ynghylch y costau hyn.
  • Administration of Product Assets-Experiencing and receiving towards the ideal utilization of features, gêr, and resources had a need to do certain work.
  • Operations of Personnel Resources-Building stimulating, a folks blaenllaw fel maen nhw'n gweithio, wahaniaethu folks uchaf ar gyfer y swydd.
Cymhwyster addysg Angen gwybodaeth
  • Baglor mewn ’ s-gradd
  • Cyswllt ’ s gradd (neu Ddiploma dwy flynedd gwahanol)
  • Dros 6 wythnos, o amgylch 1 flwyddyn ac yn cynnwys,
Cymhwyster sgiliau swydd awdurdod
  • AchievementsANDAttempt – 92.07%
  • Dyfalbarhad – 90.54%
  • Ymdrech – 92.09%
  • Gorchymyn – 88.18%
  • Cydweithrediad – 94.46%
  • Broblem i eraill – 92.81%
  • Cysondeb diwylliannol – 83.74%
  • Selfcontrol – 90.69%
  • Trothwy straen – 91.39%
  • Addasrwydd/hyblygrwydd – 89.70%
  • Amlac – 95.58%
  • Sylw i ddyfnder – 97.60%
  • Gonestrwydd – 94.27%
  • Rhyddid – 95.15%
  • Dyfais – 88.59%
  • Meddwl – 93.46%

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