Cartref / Mae rhannau Salespersons swydd ddisgrifiad / Swyddogaethau a'r templed ddyletswydd

Mae rhannau Salespersons swydd ddisgrifiad / Swyddogaethau a'r templed ddyletswydd

Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging, and Systems Assemblers Job Description / Rolau a chyfrifoldeb templed

Byddant yn cydosod, yn addas, attach, and deploy elements of missiles , room cars, or planes, including tails, adenydd, fuselage stabilizers rigging and control tools, or ventilating and heat systems.

Cymhwyster sgiliau gwaith
  • Build pre-fabricated parts to form subassemblies.
  • Design and level guide points and spots for installing pieces or components, employing jigs, templedi, or testing and noticing instruments.
  • Trwsio, depends, or movies utilizing screws, cynhyrchion, rhybedion, substance connection, or welding to safe or support parts or subassemblies.
  • Check or examination fitted parts, cynhyrchion, systemau, or assemblies for suit, stance, effeithiolrwydd, imperfections, or conformity with criteria, employing calibrating check equipment or devices.
  • Glân, braster, or coat program parts as needed before assemblage or addition.
  • Fabricate elements necessary for installment or assemblage, using tools or store devices.
  • Assemble elements, dodrefnu, or subassemblies on aircraft, gan ddefnyddio hoelion, give tools, strength tools, or design tools, including screws or clamps.
  • Read drawings, dyluniadau, or specs to determine series of operations, dyluniadau, or individual or relationships of pieces.
  • Addasu, substitute, or repair, remodel units or parts to ensure appropriate operations.
  • Lleihau, lleihau, fflecs, ffeil, or sleek elements to make certain appropriate suit and discounted.
  • Situation and arrange subassemblies in travels or features, using testing instruments and pursuing formula wrinkles and list details.
  • Alinio, cyfatebol, adeiladu, cyswllt, or deploy process elements, employing travels, gosodiadau, calculating equipment, give tools, or power tools.
  • Join assemblies that are structural, such as wings, tails, or fuselage.
  • Suit and secure sheet-metal linens to surface additional sections of aircraft or areas just before riveting or welding.
  • Alinio, addasu, established, or synchronizing airplane armament or rigging or control system components to prerequisites or recognized tolerances using sighting hand-tools and gadgets.
  • Put up or run machines or methods to crimp, pwt, bend, sort sparkle, bead, burr, or correct hoses, yn unol â manylebau.
  • Solder cable or weld tubes and fittings ends, applying add- induction brazing chambers welders, or additional tools equipment.
  • Verify dimensions of wire devices or positions of fixtures, employing testing devices.
  • Mark determining information on hoses or cable units, applying rubber stamps, labeli, scribing devices, or additional techniques.
  • Lower cords and hoses, using calculating equipment grasp themes, and cable cutters or saws.
  • Swage accessories onto cords, utilizing swaging products.
  • Construct integral or prototypes -technology demonstrators of promising environmental systems for airplanes or new.
  • Record or separate waste materials, such as equipment lowering substance, metal swarf, or solvents, regarding recycling or ecologically responsible disposal.
  • Elements, clear plane constructions, or elements, employing aqueous, partially- aqueous or normal solvent cleaning items or processes to minimize hazardous emissions or carbon.
  • Observe robotic assembly devices, for example lizard- cau, arm robots, used to assemble plane components.
  • Manually install architectural units or sign crane providers to put devices.
  • Area and connect manage cabling to products that are electronically-controlled, cyflogi handtools, ring locks, cotter recommendations turnbuckles.
  • Mount mechanical linkages and actuators, using tensiometers to confirm anxiety of cables.
  • Mount accessories in swaging devices, offer llaw sy'n cyflogi.
  • Splice cords, using clamps and fittings .

Tasg gweithgareddau hanfodol
  • Reading Knowledge-Comprehension prepared sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.
  • Active-Listening-To what others assert presenting complete attention,, using time for you to comprehend the points being produced, gofyn cwestiynau yn gywir, yn hytrach na mesmerizing ar adegau amhriodol.
  • Producing-In writing not as inappropriate for the wants of the crowd speaking efficiently.
  • Sgwrsio-siarad ag eraill i gyfleu data effeithlon.
  • Cyflogi mathemateg Mathemateg i ddatrys materion.
  • Research-Employing scientific regulations and techniques to solve issues.
  • Thinking that is critical-Employing judgement and thinking to identify the advantages and flaws of alternative options, ideas or ways to troubles.
  • Active-Learning-Knowledge new information’s significance regarding both current and future problemsolving and decision-making.
  • Learning Methods-Utilizing and choosing coachingPEReducational methods and processes appropriate for the specific situation educating or when mastering issues that are fresh.
  • Checking-Monitoring/Discovering functionality of corporations, gwahanol bobl, or yourself take remedial steps or to generate enhancements.
  • Cymdeithasol craffter-ei ymwybodol o eraill’ responses why they react as they do and comprehension.
  • Addasu cydgysylltu camau gweithredu mewn perthynas ag ymddygiad othersI.
  • Salesmanship-Genuine others to change their intellects or behaviour.
  • Negodi-eraill yn darparu ar y cyd ac yn ceisio cysoni amrywiadau.
  • Cynorthwyo-hyfforddi eraill dim ond sut i gymryd camau.
  • Services Orientation-Actively searching for methods to support persons.
  • Complex Problemsolving-Determining intricate problems and researching associated facts implement alternatives and consider and to build up choices.
  • Procedures Research-Studying solution needs and desires to produce a design.
  • Technology Design-Technology to provide person and creating or establishing products requires.
  • Equipment Selection-Identifying the sort of equipment and tools had a need to execute a career.
  • Cynlluniau gosod installment, modelau, gwifrau, neu gêr i fodloni'r nodweddion.
  • Coding-Producing computer applications regarding functions that are several.
  • Gweithrediadau monitro-gwylio eraill signalau, galwadau, or gauges to ensure an appliance is working appropriately.
  • Operation and Manage-Controlling functions of tools or systems.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Performing routine servicing on gear and deciding when and what sort of maintenance becomes necessary.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying reasons for running problems and determining what to do about any of it.
  • Restoring-Mending techniques or devices using the required instruments.
  • Quality-Control Analysis-Doing examinations and testing of products, gwasanaethau, neu weithdrefnau er mwyn mesur ansawdd neu berfformiad.
  • View and Decision Making-Thinking about benefits and the general costs of activities that are potential to find the best suited one.
  • Systems Analysis-Identifying how a system must function and just how improvements in procedures, amgylchiadau, yn ogystal gall yr awyrgylch effaith canlyniadau.
  • Systems Evaluation-Determining steps or signals of performance along with relative to the aims of the system accurate or the activities needed to strengthen performance.
  • Time Management-Managing one’s own time as well as others’ hyn o bryd.
  • Administration of Savings-Deciding how dollars will soon be spent to acquire the work accomplished, a gwerthiant ynghylch Biliau hyn.
  • Administration of Content Assets-Acquiring and experiencing for the proper utilization of materials, gwasanaethau, and tools had a need to do specific work.
  • Gweinyddu'r Staff adnoddau-annog, datblygu, ac yn arwain pobl tra maent yn gweithredu, identifying the very best people for your job.
Cymhwyster hyfforddi Angen gwybodaeth
  • Diploma Uwch ysgol (neu GED neu gymhwyster cyfwerth ysgol uwch)
  • Baglor mewn ’ s-gradd
  • Dros 1 yr, i fyny i 2 mlynedd ac yn cynnwys
Cymhwyster sgiliau gwaith Gorchymyn
  • AchievementOREnergy – 90.44%
  • Dyfalbarhad – 91.14%
  • Prosiect – 92.16%
  • Gorchymyn – 81.98%
  • Cymorth – 91.72%
  • Broblem i eraill – 86.35%
  • Cyfeiriadedd diwylliannol – 83.17%
  • Hunan-reolaeth – 83.12%
  • Goddefgarwch pwysau – 88.70%
  • CustomizationORFlexibility – 88.60%
  • Ymddiriedaeth – 93.35%
  • Canolbwyntio ar fanylion – 97.00%
  • Moeseg – 93.19%
  • Rhyddid – 86.00%
  • Dyrchafiad – 81.95%
  • Meddwl – 86.47%

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