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Etchers And Engravers Job Description / Las tareas y responsabilidad plantilla

Engrave or etching rubber, madera, acero, u otros productos. Incorporates these workers as etcher- enterprise processors, pantograph engravers.

Trabajo habilidades prerrequisito
  • Change depths and measurements of reduces by changing heights of worktables, or by adjusting appliance-provide tests.
  • Engrave behaviour etchings, marcas comerciales, or lettering onto flat or rounded areas of the wide variety of document things, o material, vidrio, barato, utilizing hand tools or handheld power tools.
  • Hold and situation workpieces, china, or rollers in retaining features.
  • Ascertain appliance adjustments, and proceed pubs to reproduce patterns on clothing or rollers.
  • Study engraving regarding excellent of partial or unpredictable engraving, burrs areas, and cut.
  • Compute and assess proportions of habits, tipos, or text to be personalized.
  • Start equipment and decrease cutting tools to beginning things on patterns.
  • Develop and clear personalized areas.
  • Examine sketches, diagramas de, ensayos, photographs to choose how engraved onto workpieces, Slice, or models can be etch, o planes de.
  • Pick and attach miters and wheels on lathes, and equip lathes using water to cool tires when grinding glass and steer clear of dust.
  • Prepare imprinted chemicals accordingto formulations, diluting p having water to obtain alternatives of given focus.
  • Observe behavior of slicing tools and change motion that is stylus to make certain accurate reproduction.
  • Reduce art to be employed, using lowering camcorders.
  • Sandblast open areas of glass to cut on models in surfaces, employing spray weapons.
  • Collection decline scales to reach chosen shapes on workpieces of reproduction, and established pantograph controls regarding depths, essential levels , and sizes of pieces.
  • Comb or apply abrasives on lowering tires.
  • Counteract workpieces to eliminate enamel, o ácido, sentir, using solvents, agua, cepillos.
  • Examine personalized benefit depth of problems and scribing, employing instruments lens, pruebas de, palms, or adjusted microscopes.
  • Prepare workpieces regarding washing or engraving by reducing, de lijado, scribing, sprucing, or healing them with become, acid resist, calcium, scribing powdered, or light sensitive enameled.
  • Embed lowering chunks or tools into equipment and protected them using wrenches.
  • Produce proofs or study types to validate accuracy of engraving, and remodel engraving as-required.
  • Transport picture to workpiece, utilizing printer, pantograph silkscreen printing device, stylus, or stamp pad.
  • Design or scribe format collections and patterns on workpieces, placas de, muere, or wheels, employing pens gravers, or compasses.
  • Manual stylus over template, producing lowering tool to copy design or letters .
  • Eliminate and spot these in trays.
  • Define models and correspondence onto metallic regarding move to additional materials.
  • Remove or recording from personalized glassware using a stylus or by immersing ware in warm water.
  • Insert and pick necessary layouts underneath the stylus of a equipment reducing instrument or hub into pattern structures.
  • Reduce remove unwanted content with cutlery, and outlines of impressions with gravers.
  • Populate imprinted heroes using opaque stick to enhance readability.
  • Wash or wash p over engraving to highlight or dye inscriptions.
  • Show workpieces to p to produce etch behaviour such as models, letters, or numbers.

Requisito previo de rutinas de trabajo
  • Reading Comprehension-Knowledge paragraphs and prepared paragraphs in work paperwork that are related.
  • Active escucha a lo que otros dicen suministrando atención completa, taking time for you to comprehend the details being built, Preguntas inquisitivas como ideal, y nunca fascinante en las instancias que están equivocadas.
  • Creating-Interacting effectively written down not as inappropriate for the requirements of the audience.
  • Comunicación-hablar con otros para transmitir con éxito datos de.
  • Matemáticas utilizando las matemáticas para resolver problemas.
  • Soluciones que emplean la ciencia y los principios médicos para resolver los problemas.
  • Critical Thinking-Using reasoning and reasoning to spot flaws and the benefits of substitute alternatives, conclusiones o formas de problemas.
  • Active-Learning-Comprehending fresh information’s ramifications regarding each current and potential problem solving and decision-making.
  • Learning Strategies-Choosing and using coachingANDeducational methods and treatments befitting the problem when studying or teaching new things.
  • Tracking-CheckingANDAssessing functionality of oneself, personas adicionales, or agencies take remedial action or to produce changes.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being not unaware of othersA responses and knowing why they behave because they do.
  • Acciones de destreza-ajuste con respecto a las actividades othersI.
  • Salesmanship-Persuading others to change behavior or their minds.
  • Discusión toma otros conjuntamente y tratando de conciliar las diferencias.
  • Educación-enseñanza otros HOWTO hacen un movimiento.
  • Company Orientation-Earnestly seeking methods to assist persons.
  • Advanced Problem Solving-Distinguishing intricate troubles and researching relevant information apply remedies and assess and to develop alternatives.
  • Procedures Research-Examining wants and solution demands to create a layout.
  • Technology Design-Engineering to serve user and creating or adapting gear wants.
  • Equipment Selection-Identifying tools and equipment’s kind needed seriously to execute a task.
  • Adición de entrega equipo, modelos, cableado, o planes para satisfacer características.
  • Programming-Writing computer packages for numerous purposes.
  • Operations Monitoring-Viewing additional symptoms, los diales de, or tests to be sure there is a device performing properly.
  • Operations and Handle-Handling operations of systems or devices.
  • Maintenance-Accomplishing routine upkeep on equipment and deciding when.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining causes of operating problems and selecting how to proceed about this.
  • Restoring-Fixing methods or equipment using the required methods.
  • Control de calidad investigación-completar evaluaciones y evaluaciones de productos, proveedores de, o técnicas para juez de calidad o funcionalidad.
  • Judgment and Decision Making-Thinking about benefits and the general costs of prospective activities to find the most suitable one.
  • Systems Analysis-Identifying what sort of process should operate and how adjustments in operations, circunstancias, y el entorno influirá en resultados.
  • Systems Evaluation-Distinguishing actions or indicators of system performance and in accordance with the aims of the machine right or the measures had a need to strengthen performance.
  • Timemanagement-Controlling oneis personal time and others’ tiempo.
  • Operations of Money-Determining how cash will undoubtedly be used to acquire the work completed, y contabilidad con respecto a estos proyectos de ley.
  • Supervision of Material Sources-Getting and experiencing towards the ideal usage of equipment, establecimientos, y recursos tenían necesidad de hacer función particular.
  • Operations of Employees Resources-Encouraging, establecer, y guiar a individuos mientras que funcionan, distinción de la mejor gente para ese trabajo.
Requisito de educación Necesidad de conocimiento
  • Nivel de escuela superior (o GED o certificados de equivalencia de escuela secundaria)
  • Significativamente menor que un grado de escuela superior
  • Varios cursos de la Facultad
  • Más de 6 semanas, hasta un año y como
Tarea gestión habilidades calificación
  • AchievementsORAttempt – 82.56%
  • Tenacidad – 81.51%
  • Esfuerzo – 88.62%
  • Autoridad – 83.25%
  • Asistencia – 83.72%
  • Preocupación por los demás – 87.41%
  • Alineación social – 77.53%
  • Autocontrol – 82.46%
  • Tolerancia de presión – 82.06%
  • Versatilidad/libertad – 88.42%
  • Fiabilidad – 91.85%
  • Conciencia del aspecto – 92.72%
  • Fiabilidad – 90.29%
  • Independencia – 93.01%
  • Creatividad – 84.56%
  • Pensamiento – 82.83%

Grupo de colaboración

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