Etusivu / Minun leikkaus ja kanavointi kone toimijoiden Työnkuvaus / Vastuu näytteen ja työpaikkoja

Minun leikkaus ja kanavointi kone toimijoiden Työnkuvaus / Vastuu näytteen ja työpaikkoja

Sähkö ja elektroniikka korjaamot, Kaupan ja teollisuuden laitteiden työnkuva / Accountability Sample and Jobs

Fix, antennit, ja tutkimus, säännellä, tai asenna electric tuotteet, Esimerkki business kahvat, lähettimet.

Taitoja työtarve
  • Avoid and execute planned preventative maintenance duties, kuten esimerkiksi, puhdistus, tai vaihde, to detect troubles.
  • Analyze operate purchases and speak to gear providers to establish whether people or mechanical errors brought to the problems and also to identify tools problems.
  • Set up and examination business products to make sure that it functions properly.
  • Operate products to analyze fails or to show right employ.
  • Exam defective products to analyze failures, applying check equipment or software, and applying knowledge of the practical procedure of digital devices and programs.
  • Restore or change equipment, tuotteet, or elements that are defective, updating used parts, such as for example gaskets or finalizes in equipment that is electric that is watertight.
  • Calibrate assessment tools and mounted or restored gear to approved specs.
  • Suggest supervision regarding merchandise performance, client satisfaction, or suggestions for solution enhancements.
  • Examine components for imperfections or for installing and accurate assemblage of manufacturing gear, such as for instance reduce contacts or frayed cables.
  • Arvostelu mallit, other specifications to determine installation processes or schematics.
  • Keep products firewood that file efficiency difficulties calibrations, tai testit.
  • Synchronize efforts with additional individuals involved in adding or keeping tools or components.
  • Keep catalog of spare parts.
  • Consult with customers, Järjestelmänvalvojat, or fitters to prepare layout of gear or even to resolve problems in upkeep or technique functioning.
  • Send defective items for a specialized repair shop for restore or to the maker.
  • Install repaired devices for example army or professional organizations, in various configurations.
  • Ascertain of utilizing consistent tools feasibility or build specs for tools needed to conduct extra operates.
  • Enter info into computer even to draw, modify or to copy software, or retailer schematics, using familiarity with software package used.
  • Build or adjust build, industrial gadgets, tai tuotteet, accordingto specs that are available.
  • Warning upgrade docs for tools exchanged or fixed.

Ura harrastuksia edellytys
  • Reading Knowledge-Comprehension sentences and created sentences in work papers that are related.
  • Active Listening-To what other-people assert providing whole attention,, acquiring time for you to understand the factors being created, kyselemällä kyselyitä kuin oikea, sen sijaan, että keskeytän väärin oikeusasteissa.
  • Creating-Speaking successfully in writing as right for the requirements of the crowd.
  • Communicating-Conversing with others to convey data properly.
  • Aritmeettinen-soveltaa matematiikan ongelmien.
  • Technology-Using solutions and scientific policies to resolve issues.
  • Critical Thinking-Utilizing judgement and reason to recognize the talents and flaws of alternative alternatives, päätelmät tai tapoja ongelmia.
  • Active-Learning-Understanding fresh information’s effects regarding each upcoming and recent problemsolving and decisionmaking.
  • Learning Approaches-Picking and applying teachingOReducational approaches and methods befitting the problem coaching or when learning factors that are new.
  • Checking-Checking/Evaluating efficiency of oneself, eri ihmiset, yritykset pitävät toimiin tai luoda muuttuu.
  • Sosiaalinen tarkkanäköisyyttä tietää muiden’ responses and comprehension while they do why they reply.
  • Koordinointi muuttuvassa toimien suhteen muut’ toimenpiteet.
  • Marketing-Effective others to change their thoughts or behaviour.
  • Settlement-Providing others collectively and looking to reconcile variances.
  • Koulutus-valmennusta muita Miten tehdä siirto.
  • Services Orientation-Definitely trying to find approaches to support folks.
  • Complex Problem-Solving-Distinguishing intricate issues and researching associated information to develop and appraise possibilities and implement alternatives.
  • Operations Research-Analyzing wants and item specifications to create a layout.
  • Technology Design-Building or changing devices and engineering to offer user requirements.
  • Vaihde valinta-tunnistaa laitteiden ja välineiden ollut tarvetta suorittaa tehtävän.
  • Erä lisäämällä kaapelointi, tuotteet, laitteet, tai sovelluksia tavata silmälasit.
  • Coding-Composing computer packages regarding several purposes.
  • Operations Tracking-Observing dials tests, or additional signals signs to be sure there is a device currently working correctly.
  • Operations and Manage-Controlling operations of devices or gear.
  • Laitteiden huolto-tee ylläpitokulut, että on rutiinia ja määritettäessä, milloin.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying factors behind operating mistakes and selecting what to do about it.
  • Repairing-Fixing models or systems utilizing the necessary instruments.
  • Quality Control Research-Completing tests and examinations of items, yritykset, tai tekniikoita arvioida tehokkuutta tai erinomainen.
  • Wisdom and Decision Making-Considering benefits and the comparable expenses of activities that are potential to find the one that is most suitable.
  • Analysis-Deciding how a program must work and just how improvements in the environment, menettelyt, and also conditions may affect benefits.
  • Systems Evaluation-Identifying measures or indicators of system performance along with the steps needed to improve or accurate efficiency, järjestelmän tavoitteiden mukaisesti.
  • Timemanagement määräysvaltaa muiden’ moment and oneis private moment.
  • Operations of Savings-Identifying how cash will be used to get the work accomplished, ja nämä maksut kirjanpito.
  • Administration of Content Methods-Discovering and getting towards the correct utilization of establishments, Työkalut, and components had a need to do particular work.
  • Hallinnoinnin henkilöstöresurssien kehittämistä edistämällä, and leading individuals as they they operate, määritettäessä parhaita ihmisiä kyseistä ammattia.
Koulutus vaatimus Tiedon karsinta
  • Affiliate ’ tutkinto (tai muita 2 vuoden)
  • Monet College koulutus
  • Yli 2 vuotta, upto ja myös useita vuosia
Tehtävän valvonta taitoja vaatimus
  • AccomplishmentOREnergy – 92.40%
  • Pysyvyys – 94.74%
  • Aloite – 87.64%
  • Johtajuus – 85.25%
  • Yhteistyö – 90.13%
  • Huolemme siitä muiden – 92.05%
  • Kulttuurin suuntaan – 80.69%
  • Omavalvonta – 90.71%
  • Sietokyky – 90.47%
  • Sopeutumiskykyä ja joustavuutta – 89.94%
  • Luotettavuus – 93.33%
  • Huomiota syvyys – 94.41%
  • Vahvuus – 93.47%
  • Riippumattomuus – 94.27%
  • Eteneminen – 86.49%
  • Ajattelu – 91.79%


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