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Potiers, Description de poste de fabrication / Tâches et responsabilités échantillon

Exécuter des dispositifs de création y compris le travail de Carlin, dispositif de Jigger, ou tour de potier à méthode à base d’argile à faire de la poterie, Articles en terre cuite et grès.

Compétences carrière
  • Click thumbs into centres of turning clay to form hollows, et pousser à l’intérieur et l’extérieur de cylindres d’argile avec les doigts et les mains de plus en plus, gradually boosting and framing clay to preferred varieties and dimensions.
  • Change wheel rates based on the experience of the clay as pieces expand and partitions become thinner.
  • Combination and apply, and fill hard bits .
  • Placement baseballs of clay-based in facilities of pottersA wheels, and begin generators or send treadles with ft to revolve wheels.
  • Raise and appearance clay into items on spinning tires, such as for instance pitchers and vases, using palms, palmiers, and thumbs.
  • Make work forsale or event, and continue maintaining interactions with list, céramique, oeuvre, and source communities that can help selling of work.
  • Sleek areas of portions that are done, applying soaked sponges and plastic scrapers.
  • Design clay forms and molds, and designs regarding varieties.
  • Shift items from tires in order that they can dried.
  • Parts were completed by move cables through bases of tires and content to separate.
  • Study finished ware regarding defects and assess dimensions, utilizing concept and width determine.
  • Conduct examination-shoots of art to ascertain just how to accomplish smoothness and specific colours.
  • Keep supplies of tools, Gear, et composants, and buy extra supplies as needed.
  • Confirm reliability of size and shapes of things, employing templates and calipers.
  • Ceramic ware was carved by run drying chambers complete or to dried.
  • Commence conveyors and unit devices and see lamps and tests on section panel to examine functional performance.
  • Modify challenges, temps, and cutting resource settings as-required.
  • Work pug mills extrude and to mix clay.
  • Run jigger products to form clay ware, including dishes, servings, plaques, and disks.
  • Show ceramic lessons.

Exigence de poursuites de tâche
  • Reading Knowledge-Knowing paragraphs and prepared content in work docs that are related.
  • Active-Listening-Presenting whole focus on what others say, getting time for you to understand the things being produced, poser des questions comme l’idéal, et jamais étouffante des situations mal.
  • Writing-Talking successfully in writing as appropriate for the requirements of the crowd.
  • Parler-parler à d’autres de transmettre correctement les faits.
  • Utilisant l’arithmétique arithmétique pour résoudre les problèmes.
  • Science-Employing solutions and medical guidelines to remedy problems.
  • Thinking that is critical-Applying logic and thinking to identify weaknesses and the benefits of methods, results or substitute remedies to troubles.
  • Active-Learning-Knowledge fresh information’s benefits for both potential and current problem solving and decisionmaking.
  • Learning Techniques-Selecting and employing coachingORinstructional practices and treatments right for the situation when studying or educating points that are fresh.
  • Checking-CheckingORDiscovering efficiency of yourself, personnes qui sont différentes, ou organismes à créer des développements ou de prendre des mesures correctives.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being conscious of othersI responses why they respond because they do and knowing.
  • -Réglage de coordination des actions en ce qui concerne le comportement d’othersI.
  • Techniques de vente-véritable d’autres de modifier les habitudes ou leurs esprits.
  • Arbitrage-apportant d’autres collectivement et tenter de réconcilier les différences.
  • Formation aide aux autres comment faire quelque chose.
  • Service Orientation-Definitely trying to find strategies to aid folks.
  • Complex Problem Solving-Determining complex dilemmas and researching data that is linked implement alternatives and to develop and consider alternatives.
  • Procedures Research-Inspecting requirements and solution demands to create a style.
  • Engineering Design-Technologies to function person and having products or producing wants.
  • Tools Selection-Identifying the sort of equipment and tools needed seriously to execute a work.
  • Tranche-ajout de câblage, machines, outils, ou paquets pour répondre aux exigences.
  • Encoding-Publishing computer packages for applications that are numerous.
  • Function Monitoring-Observing indicators, cadrans, or additional signals to make sure there is an equipment performing properly.
  • Functioning and Control-Managing functions of gear or programs.
  • Entretien maintenance la pratique concernant les équipements et déterminer le moment.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining reasons for problems that are running and choosing what to do about any of it.
  • Mending-Restoring systems or machines utilising the resources that are desired.
  • Quality-Control Analysis-Doing testing and investigations of products, services, ou fonctions de jauger la qualité ou l’efficacité.
  • Ruling and Decision-Making-Considering the comparable expenses and advantages of possible steps to choose the best suited one.
  • Analyse-déterminer à quel point les modifications dans l’environnement, procédures, along with problems will impact effects and what sort of technique must function.
  • Systems Evaluation-Identifying methods or indications of performance as well as the measures needed seriously to increase or correct performance, par rapport à la cible de l’appareil.
  • Temps-gestion-Gestion oneis propres temps et aussi d’autres’ instant.
  • Operations of Financial Resources-Deciding how money is likely to be used to have the job accomplished, et les ventes pour ces coûts.
  • Administration of Materials Methods-Experiencing and obtaining to the suitable utilization of of features equipment, and components products had a need to do particular work.
  • Opérations du Personnel ressources-motivation, établissant, et diriger les gens car ils fonctionnent, déterminer les meilleures personnes pour votre tâche.
Diplôme de l’enseignement Nécessité de connaissances
  • Diplôme d’études secondaires (ou GED ou attestation d’équivalence secondaire)
  • Adjoint ’ s stade (ou autre stade 2 ans)
  • Baccalauréat ’ degré s
  • Plus de 1 année, autant que quelques années et notamment,
Exigence de compétences autorité occupation
  • SuccessORAttempt – 93.88%
  • Ténacité – 93.20%
  • Effort – 90.71%
  • Contrôle – 86.61%
  • Assistance – 90.25%
  • Problème pour d’autres – 88.77%
  • Orientation sociale – 86.77%
  • Maîtrise de soi – 90.45%
  • Seuil de stress – 90.08%
  • VersatilityORFlexibility – 90.05%
  • Stabilité – 90.93%
  • Attention aux détails – 94.28%
  • Honnêteté – 91.76%
  • Liberté – 91.29%
  • Développement – 91.14%
  • Raisonnement analytique – 90.13%

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