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Dentists, Opis radnog mjesta općeg / Dužnost uzorak i radnih mjesta

Ispitati, dijagnosticirati, and handle accidents, bolesti, and malformations of enamel and gumline. May handle pulp, illnesses of nerve, along with other dentist tissues impacting mouth care and preservation of tooth. Might present treatment that is preventative or fit dental appliances.

Posao vještine kvalifikacija
  • Give anesthetics to control the total amount of pain seasoned by sufferers during methods.
  • Examine teeth, gums, and connected tissue, employing dentistry instruments, xrays, or tools that is analytical that is additional, approach proper treatments, diagnose abnormalities or disorders, and to evaluate oral health.
  • Formulate program for lips structure and suffereris enamel of therapy.
  • Instruct or advise individuals regarding oral health, the reasons and treatment of dental troubles, or preventive dental treatments care companies.
  • Izgled, napraviti, or fit prosthodontic devices or produce manufacture guidelines or solutions regarding denturists or techs.
  • Identify and handle illnesses or malformations of relevant mouth constructions, gums, or enamel and offer restorative or deterring providers.
  • Populate pulp chamber and tunel with components that are endodontic.
  • Publish solutions for antibiotics or drugs that are additional.
  • Evaluate or assess dental must ascertain developments or adjustments in habits of tooth disease.
  • Treat exposure of pulp by pulp capping, root canal, or eradication of pulp from pulp chamber, applying dentistry devices.
  • Eliminate frustrating margins of fillings and correct occlusions, applying dentistry devices.
  • Execute oral or gum surgery on the chin or mouth.
  • Remove tissues that is infected, employing medical devices.
  • Apply fluoride to teeth.
  • Whiten, čišćenje, or shine colour that is natural to be restored by teeth.
  • Pripremiti, organizirati, or preserve health packages that are dental.
  • Produce or appraise oral health materials that are educational.
  • Mitts use markers, and safety protection cups to protect home and people from diseases that are catching.
  • Utilize dental devices, give devices, tooth oxygen mills, or medical uses.
  • Handle organization facets for example monitoring or employing managing or personnel paperwork or insurance states.

Karijera potrage nužnost
  • Reading Comprehension-Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related paperwork.
  • Active-Listening-Supplying total attention to what others are currently saying, imaju vremena da shvate stvari, proizvodi se, Traži pitanja kao što su ispravan, i nikad nije gušio u pogrešan primjer.
  • Writing-On paper not as inappropriate for the needs of the audience speaking successfully.
  • Chatting-Talking-to others to mention data effectively.
  • Arithmetic-Utilizing mathematics to resolve problems.
  • Research-Utilizing methods and scientific rules to remedy problems.
  • Criticalthinking-Applying logic and reason to recognize the benefits and flaws of ways, findings or alternate remedies to troubles.
  • Active-Learning-Knowledge the ramifications of new facts for both existing and future problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Approaches-Picking and applying teachingPERtutorial practices and techniques appropriate for the specific situation teaching or when studying things that are new.
  • Monitoring-MonitoringANDDiscovering efficiency of yourself, drugih ljudi, ili korporacije generirati poboljšanja ili razmotriti korektivne akcije.
  • Socijalna Perceptiveness-biće nisu svjesni drugih’ reakcije dok oni zašto reagiraju i znanja.
  • Spretnost-podešavanje akcije s obzirom na othersI ponašanje.
  • Prodavanje-uvjeriti druge da poboljša svoje misli ili ponašanja.
  • Discussion-Providing others jointly and looking to reconcile differences.
  • Naložio-treniranju drugih HOWTO napraviti potez.
  • Services Orientation-Positively trying to find ways to help people.
  • Complex Problem Solving-Distinguishing complicated troubles and reviewing linked details evaluate and to produce selections and implement options.
  • Businesses Evaluation-Studying needs and item needs to create a design.
  • Technology Design-Technology to assist user and generating or adapting tools needs.
  • Tools Selection-Identifying the sort of equipment and tools needed seriously to do a career.
  • Nastavak instalacije uređaja, uređaji, kabliranje, ili paketa za općenito specifikacije.
  • Coding-Publishing computer programs for several purposes.
  • Function Monitoring-Observing features, brojčanici, or different indicators to ensure an appliance is functioning effectively.
  • Function and Manage-Managing functions of products or programs.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Performing servicing that is routine on tools and identifying when and what type of maintenance is required.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining factors behind glitches that are functioning and determining what to do about it.
  • Mending-Repairing equipment or methods utilizing the instruments that are required.
  • Quality-Control Research-Doing inspections and assessments of goods, tvrtke, ili tehnike kako bi se ocijenilo kvalitetu i učinkovitost.
  • Ruling and Decision Making-Taking into consideration the comparative costs and advantages of potential steps to choose the one that is most suitable.
  • Systems Analysis-Deciding what sort of technique should operate and the way improvements in ailments, tvrtke, kao i u okruženju može utjecati na učinke.
  • Methods Evaluation-Determining measures or symptoms of system performance along with in accordance with the goals of the device proper or the measures needed to strengthen efficiency.
  • TimeManagement-upravljanje drugima’ moment as well as oneis personal moment.
  • Supervision of Savings-Deciding how income will soon be expended to obtain the job performed, i prodaje za te troškove.
  • Management of Materials Resources-Acquiring and discovering to the correct utilization of tools, usluge, i resursa imao potrebu da odabrane funkcije.
  • Management of Staff Resources-Aiming people because they, stjecanje, i funkcija, pinpointing the best persons for that job.
Kvalifikacije za obuku Iskustvo potrebno
  • Doktorat znanosti
  • Neki koledž tečajeve
  • Master ’ s stupnjeva
  • Niti jedan
Zanimanje za izdavanje vještina preduvjet
  • SuccessOREnergy – 88.64%
  • Upornost – 89.53%
  • Inicijativa – 88.51%
  • Autoritet – 89.85%
  • Pomoć – 92.45%
  • Brini za druge – 91.91%
  • Kulturne poravnanja – 86.45%
  • Samokontrole – 90.74%
  • Stres Prag – 91.25%
  • Prilagodljivost/mobilnost – 90.16%
  • Dosljednost – 93.25%
  • Pozornost na detalje – 94.91%
  • Snaga – 93.74%
  • Nezavisnost – 91.97%
  • Razvoj – 88.32%
  • Razmišljanja – 89.36%

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