Kay / Internists, Jeneral travay dekri teren / Men kèk wòl ak sèvis echantiyon

Internists, Jeneral travay dekri teren / Men kèk wòl ak sèvis echantiyon

Physicians who identify and supply non-surgical therapy of illnesses and injuries of inner organ programs. Give care mainly for people who’ve a broad selection of dilemmas associated with the internal organs.

Jòb aptitid bezwen
  • Address central issues, for example diabetes, heart problems, tansyon wo, and difficulties of elimination, head, the lung, and gastrointestinal tract.
  • Evaluate check benefits, rapò, fichiers, or evaluation facts to identify medical problem of individual.
  • Order or give drugs, thérapies, and also other medical care that is specific to treat or stop injury, enfeksyon, or illness.
  • Offer and manage long term, detailed medical care, including examination and non-surgical treatment of conditions, for adult individuals in infirmary or an office.
  • Manage and address popular health conditions, in the aged, moun, along with youth, together with severe, chronic, and sophisticated illnesses, such as infections, influenza and pneumonia.
  • Check patientssituations and advancement and reevaluate remedies as essential.
  • Rasanble, ranpli, and keep maintaining details that is patient, such as for example medical history, istwa yo, and examination outcomes.
  • When distinct illnesses happen collectively or in circumstances where the analysis could be unknown create determines.
  • Clarify methods and discuss remedies that are recommended or exam outcomes having individuals.
  • Suggest clients and group associates concerning disease prevention, ak aktivite, swen.
  • Relate individual to specialist that is additional or healthcare professional when required.
  • Immunize they to be protected by people from avoidable ailments.
  • Advise physician of a patient’s risk rank and advocate input that is proper to minimize chance.
  • Synchronize and immediate activities of nurses, elèv, co-workers, espesyalis, praticiens, as well as other healthcare employees.
  • Provide consulting solutions to other physicians taking care of individuals with issues that are difficult or exclusive.
  • Prepare authorities or business stories on perhaps the medical reputation, or disease data, and beginning, mouri, staff testimonials of people.
  • Operate on people to get rid of, restauration, or boost functioning of techniques and injured or impaired bodyparts.
  • Gen plan pou, dispense health applications in organizations, or communities regarding reduction and cure of incidents or illnesses, or apply.
  • Execute investigation to build up or test therapies medicines, or techniques methods manage or to avoid injuries or illness.

Okipasyon aksyon egzijans
  • Reading Knowledge-Knowing written content and lines in work papers that are related.
  • Active Listening-To what other-people are saying giving whole attention,, acquiring time to realize the details being made, mande kòm pafè, e pa janm répression inaseptab tan.
  • Creating-Written down as appropriate for the requirements of the crowd talking efficiently.
  • Enfòmèl-pale ak pou lòt moun pou fè tansmèt efektivman.
  • Matematik-mwayen ou dwe anplwaye matematik pou rezoud pwoblèm.
  • Technology-Applying technological principles and solutions to remedy issues.
  • Critical-Thinking-Using logic and thought to identify the skills and flaws of substitute alternatives, konklizyon oubyen fason pou dilemmes.
  • Active-Learning-Knowledge the benefits of info that is new for both potential and recent problem solving and decision-making.
  • Learning Approaches-Utilizing and picking educationPERtutorial strategies and techniques right for the problem coaching or when mastering points that are new.
  • Checking-OverseeingOREvaluating effectiveness of yourself, moun sa yo pa menm ak, or corporations take remedial action or to create improvements.
  • Sosyal konnen Perceptiveness-vivan lòt moun’ reactions and understanding why they reply as they do.
  • Ap travay byen ansanm Réglage aksyon yo ak lòt moun’ aksyon.
  • Persuasion-Effective others to change their intellects or habits.
  • Etablisman-bay lòt moun ansanm ak t ap anvi pou rekonsilye varyasyon.
  • Antrènman edike lòt moun HOWTO pwan aksyon.
  • Company Orientation-Definitely trying to find approaches to aid people.
  • Complex Problemsolving-Identifying advanced problems and critiquing data that is connected examine and to produce options and implement answers.
  • Operations Research-Considering requires and solution needs to create a style.
  • Engineering Design-Building or aligning devices and engineering to provide user desires.
  • Equipment Selection-Deciding tools and equipment’s sort needed to execute a job.
  • Enstalasyon ajoute ki bay sipò, pwodwi, fil metalik, oubyen plan yo pou ranpli kondisyon.
  • Codage-kreye konpitè pwogram pou plizyè rezon.
  • Operasyon ki ap veye Surveillance indicateurs, apèl, or different symptoms to ensure there is a device working correctly.
  • Procedure and Control-Managing functions of equipment or devices.
  • Maintenance-Accomplishing servicing that is routine on products and deciding when.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding reasons for running glitches and determining what to do about this.
  • Repairing-Fixing systems or products utilizing the methods that are essential.
  • Quality Control Research-Performing exams and investigations of items, solisyon yo, or processes to gauge excellent or effectiveness.
  • Judgment and Decision-Making-Thinking about benefits and the relative fees of steps that are likely to find the one that is most suitable.
  • Analysis-Deciding how a technique must perform and how modifications in operations, sitiyasyon, ak tou anviwonman yo kapab enfliyanse rezilta yo.
  • Methods Evaluation-Identifying steps or symptoms of system performance and right or the steps needed to increase efficiency, paran kote ke sistèm.
  • Time-Management-Controlling oneis private period.
  • Management of Savings-Identifying how cash is likely to be invested to have the job done, ak pwi yo sa yo an palan de kontab.
  • Management of Material Assets-Acquiring and seeing towards the proper use of amenities, ekipman, ak pwodwi yo bezwen pou seryezman pou fè patikilye opere.
  • Sipèvizyon de travayè resous-Inspire, etabli, and directing folks because they perform, pinpointing the very best persons for the job.
Antrènman kalifikasyon Bezwen konnen
  • Edikasyon doctorat pòs
  • Nivo doctorat
  • Plis pase 4 ane, leve kanpe pou kèk tan e ki gen,
Karyè otorite aptitid kondisyon
  • Ke pwensipal akonplisman/tantativ – 88.46%
  • Sa – 88.79%
  • Inisyativ – 90.97%
  • Lidè – 85.48%
  • Koperasyon – 90.38%
  • Bay tèt li pwoblèm sou lòt moun – 96.20%
  • Direksyon sosyal – 90.25%
  • Kontwòl pwòp tèt ou – 93.60%
  • Bay/fè presyon tolerans – 95.20%
  • AdaptabilityORFreedom – 87.72%
  • Une – 97.00%
  • Aspè de – 98.80%
  • Etik – 98.00%
  • Libète – 86.98%
  • Famasyetik – 85.31%
  • Analyse panse – 94.20%

Osijè de gwoup kolaborasyon

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