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/, Sòs, Ak Soudeur Installateurs Room dekri teren / Obligasyon Modèle ak tach

Petroleum Pump System Operators, Refinery Operators, and Gaugers Job Description / Roles and Accountability Sample

Perform or control petroleum improving or processing items. May focus on controlling manifold and putting devices, gauging or testing fat in tanks, or managing the movement of oil.

Jòb aptitid kondisyon, Avan
  • Observe approach features, enstriman mizik, siyal yo, and metres to identify and survey any probable difficulties.
  • Begin pushes and open valves or use programmed tools to modify tankscirculation of and into and out.
  • Handle putting systems to pass fluids through a petroleum refinery and or work manifold.
  • Run control sections to immediate item flowrate, and also to organize and manage procedure specifics such as temperatures and force, based on approach agendas.
  • Transmission different workers by phone or stereo to function pumps, start and close valves, and examine temps.
  • Confirm that meters are working effectively, and that outgoing and inbound items are relocating through the proper feets.
  • Study computerized tests at specified durations to determine the flowrate of acrylic into or from tanks, as well as oil in tanks’ kantite.
  • Run auxiliary equipment and control several handling products during treating or distilling operations, transferring adjustments that regulate valves, pousse, convertisseurs, and additional products.
  • Program movement of goods through traces to handling, depo, and delivery items, employing familiarity with drives and program interconnections.
  • Read and evaluate logs, Du, kondisyon, rezilta tès, and clinical tips to determine how to collection gear controls to create degrees and the required qualities of products.
  • Document and make operating knowledge, tool readings, documentation, and outcomes of clinical studies.
  • Synchronization activities having other pumphouses to make certain a continuous move of products as well as a minimum of contamination between products.
  • Patrol models to check the total amount of fat in storage tanks, and to examine that procedures and routines are safe, productive, as well as in complying with rules.
  • Keep and restore equipment, to ensure that fixes can be appointed or survey deteriorating equipment to managers,.
  • Collect item samples by decreasing bins into aquariums to acquire gas products, or by turning valves.
  • Inspect pipelines, tensing associations and valves .
  • Conduct standard housekeeping of products, including wiping up fat splatters and accomplishing cleansing duties that are standard.
  • Synchronize shutdowns and key assignments.
  • Accomplish checks to check the qualities and marks such as for example evaluating degrees of overseas supplies , Ju, and base deposit in oil samples, utilizing testers that are centrifugal.
  • Make computations of oil and acrylic goods for transport and receipts.
  • Decrease thermometers into aquariums to obtain heat readings.
  • Clean decorations by moving compounds and solvents within products of handling units.
  • Secure seals around valves to secure aquariums.
  • Examination outcome that is calculate ideals, utilizing normal formulations.

Jòb Loisir egzijans
  • Reading Comprehension-Knowing lines and written paragraphs in work related papers.
  • Active Listening-Presenting total focus on what other folks are currently saying, taking time for you to realize the items being manufactured, yo mande kesyon tankou fèt nan Kiba, olye de mesmerizing nan yon ti moman sa yo ki.
  • Ap kreye-nan ekri pa tankou pa apwopriye pou vle de telespektatè yo ap pale anpil siksè.
  • Communicating-Conversing with others to convey data effectively.
  • Mathématiques Utilisant kalkil pou rezoud pwoblèm.
  • Research-Utilizing technological principles and techniques to solve problems.
  • Thinking that is critical-Utilizing reasoning and reasons to spot disadvantages and the benefits of ways, jwenn oubyen altènatif altènativ yo pou pwoblèm.
  • Active-Learning-Understanding new information’s implications regarding both recent and future problemsolving and decision-making.
  • Learning Techniques-Choosing and applying teachingANDtutorial techniques and procedures appropriate for the specific situation when studying or coaching items that are new.
  • TrackingPEREvaluating ap swiv fonctionnalités ou menm, moun ki fè lòt, or agencies consider remedial action or to produce developments.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being conscious of othersA reactions and comprehending while they do why they reply.
  • Ap travay byen ansanm Modification aksyon with regards to lòt moun’ aksyon.
  • Pou vann-bon lòt moun, pou chanje lide yo oubyen konduit ' i.
  • Jij ki pou lòt yo tout ansanm ak t ap anvi pou rekonsilye diferans.
  • Moutre-antrènman lòt moun HOWTO mete kò yo.
  • Service Orientation-Actively searching for approaches to aid people.
  • Complex Problemsolving-Determining complex dilemmas and critiquing data that is associated evaluate and to produce alternatives and implement alternatives.
  • Procedures Research-Considering requirements and solution prerequisites to produce a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Creating or changing products and technologies to function consumer wants.
  • Ekipman ki te chwazi Identification zouti ak ekipman ’ s jan bezwen pou fè yon travay.
  • Vèsman-Installation ki bay sipò, pwodwi, fil metalik, oubyen pakè pa pou rankontre moute spécifications.
  • Encoding-Producing computer packages regarding several reasons.
  • Manch Suivi-obsève operasyon, tès, or other signs to be sure there is an appliance working properly.
  • Operations and Handle-Preventing operations of techniques or products.
  • Ke li mentni antretyen ki se woutin sou ekipman ak Identification lè.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying reasons for problems that are running and selecting what direction to go about it.
  • Restoring-Restoring equipment or devices utilizing the required resources.
  • Kontwòl kalite espesyalis nan evalyasyon-bòn enspèksyon: li konnen sa ki byen, konpayi yo, yo oswa operasyon yo pou mezire jiska ki efikasite oubyen trè byen.
  • Ruling and Decisionmaking-Thinking about the general costs and benefits of possible behavior to choose the one that is most suitable.
  • Analysis-Identifying how a process should work and how changes in the surroundings, fonksyon, as well as problems can influence benefits.
  • Systems Analysis-Distinguishing steps or signs of performance along with right or the behavior had a need to increase functionality, paran pou objèktif yo nan machin lan.
  • Timemanagement-Controlling one’s private moment.
  • Administration of Financial Resources-Determining how cash is going to be invested to get the task accomplished, ak tenue pou frè sa yo.
  • Management of Product Sources-Discovering and finding for the appropriate use of components, équipements, and equipment needed to do selected function.
  • Administrasyon travayè resous-Inspire, etabli, and guiding folks because they function, pinpointing the top people for that career.
Edikasyon kalifikasyon Eksperyans nan kondisyon
  • Diplòm lekòl segondè (oubyen GED oswa sètifika lekòl segondè ekivalans)
  • Afilye ’ s sèn (oswa plis sèn nan 2-yon timoun)
  • Kèk klas fakilte
  • Plis pase 1 yon timoun, tou 2 zan e ki gen,
Travay de komand aptitid bezwen
  • AccomplishmentANDAttempt – 94.98%
  • Persistance – 90.10%
  • Motivasyon – 91.18%
  • Jesyon – 85.68%
  • Koperasyon – 88.55%
  • Sijè pou lòt moun – 80.26%
  • Oryantasyon kiltirèl – 86.89%
  • Kontwòl pwòp tèt ou – 83.83%
  • Bay/fè presyon pou sekirite sosyal – 89.56%
  • VersatilityANDVersatility – 93.30%
  • Stabilite – 93.16%
  • Konsantre sou detay – 91.33%
  • Fòs – 86.93%
  • Libète – 87.23%
  • Avansman – 89.63%
  • Panse – 78.39%

Osijè de gwoup kolaborasyon

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