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Helyettes város ügyvéd munkaköri leírás



Job responsibilities

Essential duties and functions, szerint az amerikaiak a fogyatékkal élő törvény, may include the

following. Egyéb kapcsolódó feladatok rendelhető.

1. Képviseli a várost peres eljárások és a jogi eljárások.

2. Jogi tanácsadás és tanácsot nyújt a város vezetője, szervezeti egység vezetői, administrators and other

City staff in their official capacities.

3. Drafts, approves and files legal opinions or objections to each ordinance before Council action.

4. Reviews and approves all documents, contracts and legal instruments in which the City may have an


5 .Reviews and presents legal opinions to Council and the City staff on municipal activities to ensure

compliance with the City Charter.

6. Negotiates legal problems with interest groups, vendors and customers of the City, the general public

and officials of the court.

7. Attends Council meetings to provide legal advice and to maintain first hand knowledge of policies.

8. Reads and reviews statutes, legal opinions and other documents to maintain knowledge of local, állami

and federal legislation and jurisprudence affecting municipal operations, programs and activities.

9. Prepares and approves resolutions for Council.

10. Develops and approves legal contracts and agreements.

11.Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contracted in the performance of

required duties.

12.Inspire confidence and respect for legal advice

13.Conduct research on legal problems and prepare sound legal opinions.

14.Analyze and prepare a wide variety of legal documents.

15.Handle stressful and sensitive situations with tact and diplomacy.

16.Work independently or as part of a team.

Required Qualifications

1. Five (5) or more years of civil litigation experience concerning complex, document intensive

litigation matters;

2. Demonstrated high-level written and oral communication skills;

3. Strong analytical and strategical skills;

4. Interest in and ability to identify issues that could be pursued through affirmative litigation;

5. Significant experience taking and defending depositions, and drafting and arguing dispositive

6. Strong desire to serve the public interest; és

7. Licensed to practice law in all courts in the State of California and the United States District


Court for the Central District of California.

Desired Qualifications

1. Experience litigating cases brought pursuant to Business & Professions Code Section 17200 et

2. Experience and ability to work with governmental agencies, elected officials, public officials,

3. Experience working with local, állami, and federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies,


and individual citizens; és

and consumer, and other advocacy groups.

Ismeretek, Skills, and Abilities:

Must possess required knowledge, készségek, abilities and experience and be able to explain and

bizonyítani, with or without reasonable accommodations, that the essential functions of the

job can be performed.

Knowledge of civil law, judicial procedure and rules of evidence.

Knowledge of principles and methods of legal research.

Knowledge of municipal codes and applicable state laws and federal statutes.

Knowledge of legal references and limitations.

Knowledge of municipal organization and City Manager government.

Knowledge of municipal budgeting.

Knowledge of personnel evaluation.

Skill in analyzing facts, legal commitment and impact, precedent, organizing information and

interpreting and applying legal principles to complex legal issues.

Skill in preparing and presenting written and oral legal opinions, advice and counsel.

Skill in developing and approving policies, szerződések, etc.

Skill in evaluation of personnel performance.

Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with Council, court

officials, ügyvédi iroda, interest groups, Eladó, a(z), City employees and the general


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