Casa / Fabric Menders, Except Garment Job Description / Posti di lavoro e responsabilità campione

Fabric Menders, Except Garment Job Description / Posti di lavoro e responsabilità campione

Repair tears, divots such as for instance blinds, sheets and tents.

Lavoro abilità prerequisito
  • Calculate and hem blinds, vestiti, and fabric treatments to dimension, employing tape methods.
  • Perform products that are stitching to restitch joints that are flawed, sew holes up, or exchange the different parts of fabric content.
  • Disseminate components or content and examine them regarding donned areas, crying, openings, as well as other disorders.
  • Stamps grommets into canvas, applying mallets and punches or eyelet products.
  • Lean ends of lower or divided cloth, using scissors or blades, and sides were clipped by sew together.
  • Disgusting flaws in goods, or cut stitches and plot slots, sewn tears, using needles and bond or stitching products.
  • Verify repacked tactical devices to ensure it satisfies with specifications and repaired.
  • Sewn insignias and brands onto posts for identification.
  • By weaving thread over them, using needles restore divots,.
  • Clear spills from outfits or material, cleansing smooth and using aerosol markers.
  • Sewn ruffles and edge onto draperies and drapes, and switches and clipping onto clothing.
  • Re-knit runs and replace damaged threads, employing attach needles.
  • Substitute flawed shrouds, and splice contacts between shrouds and harnesses .
  • Take troubles for garmentswrong attributes, employing barbs.

Requisito di routine di carriera
  • Reading Knowledge-Knowledge prepared paragraphs and sentences in work papers that are related.
  • Attivo-ascolto-fornendo tutta l'attenzione a ciò che altre persone sono attualmente dicendo, acquiring time for you to recognize the items being manufactured, chiedendo di problemi come corretto, e non interrompendo ai casi che non sono corrette.
  • Producing-In writing as appropriate for the requirements of the market interacting successfully.
  • Comunicazione-parlare agli altri di condividere le informazioni con successo.
  • Utilizzando la matematica matematica per risolvere i problemi.
  • Technology-Employing scientific principles and methods to fix problems.
  • Criticalthinking-Utilizing logic and reasoning to spot the talents and flaws of conclusions, alternate alternatives or methods to issues.
  • Active Learning-Comprehending fresh information’s benefits for each latest and upcoming problem solving and decisionmaking.
  • Learning Techniques-Picking and applying educationORinstructional strategies and procedures befitting the problem when mastering or educating new things.
  • Checking-Tracking/Examining efficiency of yourself, gente che è diversa, or agencies take remedial action or to make improvements.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Knowing othersI tendencies and knowledge while they do why they reply.
  • Azioni di coordinamento cambia per quanto riguarda altri passaggi.
  • Salesmanship-Genuine others to change their thoughts or conduct.
  • Negoziazione-consegna altri collettivamente e che vogliono conciliare le differenze.
  • Insegnamento-insegnamento altri esattamente come fare qualcosa.
  • Services Orientation-Earnestly looking for ways to assist folks.
  • Complex Problem-Solving-Determining complicated difficulties and reviewing facts that is relevant consider and to build up options and implement answers.
  • Procedures Research-Analyzing desires and solution prerequisites to create a design.
  • Technology Design-Creating or having gear and technology to offer individual desires.
  • Tools Selection-Determining the sort of equipment and tools needed seriously to perform a task.
  • Installazione-l'aggiunta di dispositivi, prodotti, cablaggio, o pacchetti per soddisfare le specifiche.
  • Development-Creating computer packages regarding numerous uses.
  • Funzione monitoraggio-Watching quadranti, indicatori, or additional indications to ensure an appliance is operating correctly.
  • Procedure and Handle-Handling procedures of devices or devices.
  • L'esecuzione di manutenzione manutenzione ordinaria su strumenti e identificare quando.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining reasons for functioning errors and selecting how to proceed about this.
  • Restoring-Repairing devices or products utilizing the needed resources.
  • Quality-Control Research-Doing tests and inspections of items, soluzioni, o funzioni per valutare l'efficienza o la qualità.
  • Ruling and Decision-Making-Taking into consideration the general expenses and great things about measures that are potential to choose the one that is best suited.
  • Systems Analysis-Determining how a method must operate and how alterations in operations, disturbi, as well as the atmosphere can affect outcomes.
  • Systems Evaluation-Identifying procedures or indicators of performance as well as relative to the aims of the system, le misure avevano la necessità di aumentare o correggere le prestazioni.
  • Timemanagement-Controlling oneis private occasion and others’ periodo.
  • Supervision of Financial Resources-Determining how income will be expended to obtain the work done, e contabilità per quanto riguarda queste fatture.
  • Operations of Product Methods-Observing and receiving to the suitable usage of establishments, attrezzature, e componenti avevano la necessità di fare specificato operare.
  • Gestione delle risorse dipendenti-edificio, ispirando, e che conduce gli individui che operano, gli individui più vantaggiose per l'attività di individuazione.
Requisito di formazione Necessità di conoscenza
  • Diploma di scuola senior (o GED o equivalenza Liceo documento)
  • Laurea ’ grado s
  • Nessuno
Qualificazione del lavoro gestione competenze
  • SuccessOREffort – 78.82%
  • Tenacia – 79.41%
  • Sforzo – 89.35%
  • Autorità – 77.92%
  • Cooperazione – 83.03%
  • Preoccupazione per gli altri – 86.13%
  • Orientamento sociale – 76.00%
  • Autocontrollo – 89.09%
  • Soglia di stress – 82.40%
  • CustomizationANDMobility – 78.93%
  • Affidabilità – 87.31%
  • Concentrarsi sui dettagli – 94.80%
  • Integrità – 85.41%
  • L'indipendenza – 84.96%
  • Creatività – 77.38%
  • Pensando – 78.84%

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