Casa / Intelligence Analysts Job Description / Esempio di responsabilità e funzioni

Intelligence Analysts Job Description / Esempio di responsabilità e funzioni

Si accumulano, valutare, or appraise info from a selection including brains networks, sotto copertura, law enforcement listings or regional information techniques, of options. Employ cleverness knowledge to foresee and avoid organized-crime routines, for example terrorism.

Carriera abilità prerequisito
  • Enemy task, organized-crime, or estimate potential group, employing examines of intellect data.
  • Research routines concerning terrorism, money laundering, gangs drugs, or other national security risks.
  • Layout, utilizzare, or maintain sources and computer programs, such as for instance topographical data methods (GIS) applying and artificial intelligence methods.
  • Build prison profiles to help in linking felony companies making use of their people.
  • Appraise data of communications, including phone calls, to piece exercise and ascertain site and the dimension of members and felony communities.
  • Gather and evaluate facts, applying tools for example airborne photographs or stereo equipment that is delicate.
  • Assemble intelligence info by public records or area remark.
  • Ottieni, esaminare, or analyze, link facts from the number of means.
  • Information or hyperlink suspects to events or prison organizations to ascertain pursuits.
  • Charts, spettacoli, Mappe:, or make extensive prepared accounts depending on investigation, series, and examination of brains files.
  • Analyze the resources of suspects that are prison to look for money’s circulation from or even to teams that are targeted.
  • Authenticate identified intelligence using information from other resources.
  • Collaborate to talk about info with distributors from brains businesses and different govt or organize intelligence actions.
  • Intervista, interrogate, or connect to transgression or witnesses thinks to collect brains that is human.
  • Run cams, radios, or other security tools to doc pursuits or intercept emails.
  • Make strategies to intercept communications attacks that are dangerous.
  • Develop methods or defense plans, employing other info along with intelligence.
  • Analyze interaction signal languages or foreign languages to translate intelligence.

Necessità di attività di occupazione
  • Reading Comprehension-Understanding paragraphs and prepared phrases in work related documents.
  • Offerta di ascolto attivo tutta la consapevolezza di ciò che altre persone sono attualmente dicendo, prendendo tempo per poter riconoscere i punti che sono fatti, richiesta di query nel modo appropriato, piuttosto che interrompere alle occasioni impropri.
  • Creating-Interacting successfully written down not as inappropriate for the needs of the market.
  • Communicating-Talking-to others to convey information effortlessly.
  • Matematica-usando matematica per risolvere i problemi.
  • Science-Employing technological regulations and methods to solve problems.
  • Thinking that is critical-Utilizing judgement and reasoning to recognize the talents and disadvantages of ways, risultati o delle alternative di scelta a problemi.
  • Active Learning-Knowledge the benefits of new details regarding both latest and future problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Methods-Applying and picking educationPERtutorial approaches and techniques befitting the specific situation teaching or when mastering fresh items.
  • Monitoring-Overseeing/Evaluating performance of businesses, altri individui, or yourself consider corrective action or to produce changes.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being not unaware of othersA tendencies why they reply because they do and comprehension.
  • Azioni cambiano il controllo in relazione agli altri’ azioni.
  • Salesmanship-Genuine others to alter habits or their heads.
  • Arbitrato-ottenere gli altri insieme e tentando di conciliare le varianze.
  • Formazione-insegnamento altri esattamente come fare qualcosa.
  • Services Orientation-Earnestly looking for approaches to enable folks.
  • Advanced Problem-Solving-Determining intricate dilemmas and researching facts that is related appraise and to develop options and implement solutions.
  • Procedures Research-Inspecting requires and item demands to make a style.
  • Engineering Design-Technology to provide consumer and establishing devices or producing desires.
  • Gear Selection-Deciding the type of equipment and tools needed seriously to do a task.
  • Installazione-installazione gear, dispositivi, cavi, o applicazioni per soddisfare le specifiche.
  • Programming-
  • Operazioni di monitoraggio-Seeing indicatori, chiamate, or other signals to ensure an appliance is currently operating appropriately.
  • Operations and Manage-Controlling operations of programs or products.
  • Maintenance-Executing servicing that is routine on products and identifying when.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining causes of running errors and deciding how to proceed about this.
  • Mending-Mending methods or models utilising the required methods.
  • Quality Control Analysis-Completing examinations and exams of products, aziende, o funzioni di calibro eccellente o funzionalità.
  • Ruling and Decision Making-Taking into consideration the comparative costs and great things about steps that are prospective to choose the one that is best suited.
  • Analysis-Identifying what sort of technique must function and just how adjustments in procedures, disturbi, along with the atmosphere may influence benefits.
  • Methods Evaluation-Distinguishing procedures or indications of performance and also right or the behavior needed to enhance performance, conformemente agli obiettivi del dispositivo.
  • Timemanagement-Managing the own occasion of one.
  • Operations of Financial Resources-Identifying how funds will undoubtedly be invested to get the job done, e contabilità per quanto riguarda queste spese.
  • Operations of Substance Sources-Observing and receiving to the ideal utilization of tools, Servizi, e forniture necessarie per fare la funzione specifica.
  • Gestione dei singoli lavoratori risorse-Guida mentre loro, lo sviluppo di, e spingendo eseguire, pinpointing the most effective persons for your job.
Requisito di formazione Requisito di esperienza
  • Laurea ’ grado di s
  • Link ’ quantità s (o altro importo di 2 anni)
  • Livello Senior School (o GED o diploma di liceo equivalenza)
  • Più di 2 anni, intorno e parecchi anni inclusi
Lavorare la qualificazione di competenze di Leadership
  • AchievementsOREffort – %
  • Determinazione – %
  • Motivazione – %
  • Leadership – %
  • Assistenza – %
  • Preoccupazione per quanto riguarda gli altri – %
  • Posizionamento culturale – %
  • Autocontrollo – %
  • Soglia di pressione – %
  • AdaptabilityANDMobility – %
  • Coerenza – %
  • Attenzione per i dettagli – %
  • Affidabilità – %
  • Liberty – %
  • Creatività – %
  • Pensando – %

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