Mājas / Licensed Practical And Licensed Vocational Nurses Job Description / Maksājuma paraugu un uzdevumiem

Licensed Practical And Licensed Vocational Nurses Job Description / Maksājuma paraugu un uzdevumiem

Care for sick, convalescing individuals or folks having disabilities in party homes clinics, exclusive homes, slimnīcas, and equivalent corporations, or harmed. Might operate under the registered nurse’s oversight. Certification essential.

Karjeras prasmju priekšnoteikums
  • Discover patients, planning and revealing adjustments including effects to drugs or treatment, in patientsI ailments, and acquiring any vital activity.
  • Provide approved begin intravenous fluids or medications, writing sums and occasions on patients’ diagrammas.
  • Answer clientsA calls and determine just how to guide these.
  • Calculate and record suffererscritical indicators, such as for instance blood pressure, mārciņas, temperatūra, top, heart, and respiration.
  • Give basic patient-care or treatments, such as for example managing bedsores, dressing wounds, acquiring conditions or body stresses, offering enemas or douches, rubbing using liquor, caressing, or doing catheterizations.
  • Enable aid individuals using showering, retaining private health attire, movingin sleep, or position and strolling jogging.
  • Supervise nursesaides or assistants.
  • Plan and modify act as part of a healthcare team to determine individual needs attention care, and apply interventions.
  • File foodstuff and substance ingestion and output.
  • Examine caregiving intervention results, conferring with healthcare downline that are different as vital.
  • Assemble and use devices, including catheters, tubes that are tracheotomy, or air companies.
  • Obtain samples, for example blood or sputum from people, and execute program laboratory tests on samples.
  • Make people for checkups, testi, or remedies and clarify processes.
  • Implement squeezes, warm water bottles, or snow baggage.
  • Prepare or study food containers to recommended diet regarding conformance.
  • Clean rooms and create bedrooms.
  • Stock and requisition equipment and materials.
  • Provide personal-care or treatment to clients in personal residence options, such as for instance instructing members of the family in easy caregiving responsibilities, preserving rooms tidy, seeing that individuals are cozy and in great alcohol, or preparing.
  • Materials and sterilize products, applying sterilizer, germicides, or autoclave.
  • Help in delivery, ārstēšana, or providing of babies.
  • Bathe and dress bodies of deceased persons.
  • Make sessions, preserve records, or conduct tasks that are clerical that are additional in doctorsworkplaces or clinics.
  • Create and make treatment suites.

Karjeru rutīnu priekšnoteikums
  • Reading Knowledge-Knowledge sentences and composed phrases in work documents that are related.
  • Active-Listening-To what other-people are saying supplying entire attention,, acquiring time and energy to understand the factors being produced, pieprasot vaicājumus kā pareizo, un nekad nav sagrāvis gadījumos, kas nav piemēroti.
  • Writing-On paper not as inappropriate for the requirements of the viewers conversing successfully,.
  • Uzstāšanās runā-uz citiem, lai nodotu informāciju pareizi.
  • Mathematics-Applying math to resolve problems.
  • Research-Using solutions and clinical policies to remedy difficulties.
  • Thinking that is critical-Applying reasoning and thought to recognize the skills and disadvantages of ways, ideas or alternate remedies to problems.
  • Active-Learning-Comprehending the effects of new details for each latest and upcoming problem solving and decision-making.
  • Learning Techniques-Using and picking coachingOReducational approaches and treatments appropriate for the problem educating or when mastering items that are fresh.
  • Tracking-MonitoringPERExamining functionality of yourself, dažādām personām, or businesses consider corrective actions or to make developments.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Knowing othersA responses as they do why they behave and understanding.
  • Vadīklu pielāgošanas darbībām attiecībā uz citiem’ darbības.
  • Persuasion-Genuine others to alter behavior or their brains.
  • Discussion-Bringing others jointly and wanting to reconcile variances.
  • Instruēt mācību citiem, kā rīkoties.
  • Service Orientation-Definitely trying to find ways to help people.
  • Complex Problem-Solving-Distinguishing advanced problems and reviewing facts that is related evaluate and to produce choices and implement answers.
  • Procedures Evaluation-Considering item demands and requires to create a style.
  • Engineering Design-Engineering to function person and changing products or building requires.
  • Rīku atlasi Lemjot veida iekārtas un instrumenti vajadzīgi nopietni uzdevuma veikšanai.
  • Ierīces uzstādīšana, instalēšana, rīki, vadi, vai programmas, lai izpildītu funkcijas.
  • Programming-Creating computer programs regarding purposes that are several.
  • Darbības monitorings novērošanas zvanus, mērinstrumenti, or different indicators to ensure an equipment is currently operating effectively.
  • Operation and Control-Preventing functions of devices or gear.
  • Maintenance-Executing upkeep that is routine on products and identifying when.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining factors behind functioning blunders and selecting what direction to go about any of it.
  • Fixing-Mending methods or devices utilising the resources that are required.
  • Quality Control Evaluation-Doing tests and assessments of products, pakalpojumi, vai darbībām, lai novērtētu kvalitāti vai funkcionalitāti.
  • View and Decision-Making-Thinking about the comparable expenses and great things about measures that are likely to find the one that is most appropriate.
  • Systems Analysis-Identifying what sort of program must perform and the way changes in operations, nosacījumi, as well as the setting can impact effects.
  • Methods Analysis-Identifying measures or symptoms of performance along with the behavior needed seriously to increase or right efficiency, saskaņā ar mērķi mašīnas.
  • Time Management-Handling oneis own period and others’ godu.
  • Operations of Financial Resources-Determining how income will undoubtedly be spent to acquire the task done, un grāmatvedībā šie izdevumi.
  • Supervision of Materials Resources-Obtaining and viewing to the correct usage of establishments, zvejas rīku, un materiāli bija nepieciešamība veikt noteiktu darbu.
  • Administration of Workers Resources-Developing encouraging, un indivīdiem, kā viņi veiks, vadot, atšķirtu visefektīvāko ļaudīm par savu darbu.
Izglītības prasības Zināšanu nepieciešamība
  • Dažiem pasniedzējiem klases
  • Filiāle ’ s līmenis (vai papildu 2 gadu grāds)
  • Neviens
Uzdevuma iestāde prasmes nepieciešamība
  • AccomplishmentOREffort – 94.04%
  • Stiprības – 95.14%
  • Projekts – 93.40%
  • Komanda – 92.86%
  • Palīdzība – 94.21%
  • Uztraukties par citiem – 94.57%
  • Sociālā virziena – 95.39%
  • Paškontrole – 96.95%
  • Spiediena Tolerance – 96.54%
  • VersatilityANDMobility – 94.33%
  • Konsekvence – 96.96%
  • Koncentrēties uz detaļām – 97.15%
  • Uzticamība – 96.35%
  • Liberty – 91.54%
  • Attīstības – 95.15%
  • Domāšana – 94.55%

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