Tsev / Neeg khiav dej num / Nqe lus piav hauj lwm tus thawj tswj kev tshuab / Cwj pwm / Num thiab kev coj lub luag hauj lwm

Nqe lus piav hauj lwm tus thawj tswj kev tshuab / Cwj pwm / Num thiab kev coj lub luag hauj lwm

Txoj hauj lwm tau hauj lwm / Cwj pwm / Num thiab kev coj lub luag hauj lwm

  • Supervision Exercised Classification typically supervises
  • Received Typically reports to an Information Technology Manager
  • Possesses and exhibits a strong work ethic self-confidence a demonstrated commitment to producing a substantive work product Contributes to departmental goal achievement
  • Demonstrates knowledge of city audit requirements and adheres to departmental standards
  • Ability to understand the big picture and to identify and resolve key issues
  • Ability to learn government/company business requirements so as to be able to assess current and future IT needs
  • Knowledge of the architecture concepts terminology and operational principles of computer systems network servers and workstations
  • Knowledge of applicable networking and data communications technology operating systems procedural and command languages and utility software
  • Demonstrated ability to train users to use new systems develop end user training materials and operating manuals
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills verbal and written
  • Ensuring cross-training of personnel to provide redundancy of skills and knowledge in critical applications
  • Demonstrates the ability to producing required management or technical reports
  • Acquires and continuously develops professional technical skills and knowledge
  • Demonstrates administrative and technical skills in problem resolution
  • Applies and demonstrates knowledge of company systems and processes which emphasize the interrelationships in networked company operations
  • Works in partnership with internal and external organizations to help clients use technology integration to solve business challenges
  • Designs and implements database applications
  • Applies and demonstrates knowledge of database performance tuning and theory and data normalization rules
  • Including referential integrity use of stored procedures triggers and other advanced database design and coding techniques
  • Demonstrates leadership skills and an excellent track record of managing technical staff through various life cycle phases
  • Provides proven ability to supervise and monitor quality of work
  • Contributes to and enhances customer satisfaction by effectively planning and delivering project work
  • Performs data analyzes reasons logically interprets requirements and develops effective solutions to complex problems
  • Develops business and data process flow models as appropriate to support and reflect current and proposed requirements processes
  • Identify options for consideration to improve data flow security performance and effectiveness of software or systems
  • Makes use of resources and plans and organizes time effectively
  • Applies and demonstrates ability to plan and organize work
  • mployment

Tswv yim pab txog kev

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Qhov chaw kws soj ntsuam hauj lwm hauj lwm qauv

Qhov chaw kws soj ntsuam hauj lwm hauj lwm qauv kawm inspectors kom siv cov qauv qhia ntawv thiab kev tswj cai thaum saib meej txog …