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Sewing Machine Operators Job Description / Zadań i odpowiedzialności próbki

Perform or tend stitching equipment enhance, to become listed on, bolster, or accomplish associated stitching operations within the make of dress or nongarment goods.

Potrzeba umiejętności kariery
  • Observe appliance functioning to detect pauses in line, difficulties such as faulty sewing, or equipment fails.
  • Situation products under needles, employing marks on products, zaciski, układy, or textile as courses.
  • Position spools of different products on thread and spindles, twine, or bond concludes through machine manuals and pieces.
  • Fit fabric portions in correct series prior to sewing them, and validate that behaviour and dye lots match.
  • Information apparel or clothing parts under appliance needles to stitch elements together.
  • Commence and function or tend machines, including one or double-needle serging and flatbed to automatically join, reinforce, or decorate posts or material.
  • Report quantities of supplies processed.
  • Check outfits, and study fix tickets and markings on garments tag errors as vital, and to discover problems or hurt.
  • Choose provides such as for example bond and fasteners, based on job prerequisites.
  • Attach contraptions, such as for instance needles, chopping blades, or routine alter equipment manuals based on features, i płyty.
  • Reduce excess product or thread from items that are finished.
  • Fold or extend tips or programs of items while curtains to aid forming chosen sections.
  • Conduct gear upkeep responsibilities such as exchanging needles, sanding abrasive regions of needles, or cleansing and oiling machines that are sewing.
  • Assess and analyze done content to authenticate conformance to requirements, using rulers.
  • Change calls, screws, and dials to adjust adjustments of models, according-to devices efficiency and dress designs.
  • Repair by adding lacking appears or replacement pieces or change objects.
  • Cut resources accordingto requirements, employing blades, Nożyczki, or power knives.
  • Remove and accomplished products from products.
  • Place and mark patterns on supplies to organize for curtains.
  • Situation substance or posts just before programmed functioning of equipment in hoop frames, or themes.
  • Connect recording supple to specific clothes, or appliques or outfit components, in accordance with object requirements.
  • Accomplish computerized or specialized sewing-machine functions, such as buttonhole creating.
  • Załączyć, barbs, zippers, elementy złączne, or additional equipment to material, applying giving hoppers or secure cases.
  • Sprinkle sides of parts that are temporarily secure and product to format for last construction.
  • Tape or twist twine or cable to correct fails together.
  • Draw marks or green appliques on material to have variations in design.

Stażu pracy zajęć
  • Reading Comprehension-Knowledge created content and paragraphs in work files that are related.
  • Active-Listening-To what other-people say providing whole attention,, mając czas, aby zrozumieć szczegóły w trakcie budowy, Zadawanie pytań jako odpowiednie, i to nie fascynujące, o sytuacjach, które są nie do przyjęcia.
  • Publishing-On paper not as inappropriate for the needs of the market talking effectively.
  • Rozmowa-mówi z innymi skutecznie przekazać dane.
  • Math-Employing math to fix problems.
  • Technology-Employing clinical rules and solutions to fix issues.
  • Critical-Thinking-Applying reason and reasons to recognize disadvantages and the benefits of approaches, results or alternative alternatives to issues.
  • Active Learning-Comprehending the effects of fresh info regarding each present and upcoming problem-solving and decision making.
  • Learning Methods-Selecting and utilizing instruction/instructional techniques and treatments appropriate for the specific situation when learning or instructing points that are fresh.
  • Tracking-OverseeingORExamining performance of oneself, ludzie, które różnią się, or corporations to create enhancements or take remedial steps.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Knowing othersI tendencies while they do why they respond and comprehension.
  • Kontrola-regulacja działania pod względem innych’ zachowanie.
  • Salesmanship-Persuading others to alter their heads or behaviour.
  • Discussion-Providing others jointly and attempting to reconcile differences.
  • Nauczania-szkolenie innych po prostu jak podjęcie działań.
  • Services Orientation-Actively looking for approaches to aid individuals.
  • Advanced Problemsolving-Determining intricate issues and researching info that is associated assess and to build up alternatives and apply remedies.
  • Operations Analysis-Examining item needs and requirements to create a style.
  • Engineering Design-Producing or aligning tools and technology to function person desires.
  • Tools Selection-Determining the kind of equipment and tools needed seriously to do a work.
  • Instalacja-Dodawanie sprzętu, urządzenia, Przewody, lub pakiety, aby spełnić wymagania.
  • Development-Producing computer programs regarding purposes that are several.
  • Monitorowanie operacji-funkcje, gałki, lub inne sygnały, aby upewnić się ma urządzenie działa poprawnie.
  • Operation and Handle-Preventing functions of equipment or methods.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Doing maintenance that is routine on devices and determining when.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying reasons for mistakes that are functioning and deciding how to proceed about it.
  • Mending-Restoring devices or devices using the equipment that are necessary.
  • Quality Control Research-Completing investigations and tests of goods, usługi, lub operacji do oceny doskonałe lub wydajności.
  • Ruling and Decision Making-Thinking about the relative prices and advantages of possible activities to choose the one that is most appropriate.
  • Analysis-Determining the way alterations in the setting, procedury, as well as circumstances may affect results and what sort of process should work.
  • Methods Analysis-Determining procedures or signs of system performance and in accordance with the aims of the machine, proper or the actions had a need to boost efficiency.
  • Timemanagement obsługi jednego ’ chwili prywatny s, a także innych’ czas.
  • Administration of Money-Deciding how dollars is likely to be invested to have the task accomplished, i Księgowość w odniesieniu do tych kosztów.
  • Supervision of Material Sources-Seeing and acquiring to the correct usage of services, urządzenia, i produktów poważnie potrzebne do zrobienia wybranej funkcji.
  • Nadzór nad budowania zasobów pracowników, zachęcanie do, i cel osoby, ponieważ działają one, identifying the top people for your career.
Wymagania szkoleniowe Kwalifikacyjne wiedzy
  • Mniej-niż w większym stopniu szkoły
  • Wysoki poziom szkoły (lub GED lub świadectwa równoważności Senior High School)
  • Wielu wykładowców kursów
  • Brak
Potrzeba umiejętności zarządzania pracy
  • SuccessANDEnergy – 85.10%
  • Trwałość – 86.46%
  • Inicjatywa – 83.88%
  • Kontroli – 83.11%
  • Pomoc – 83.37%
  • Problem odnośnie innych – 82.18%
  • Społecznego pozycjonowanie – 83.89%
  • SelfControl – 86.93%
  • Próg ciśnienia – 87.17%
  • AdaptabilityANDFreedom – 84.16%
  • Spójność – 89.91%
  • Uwagę na głębokość – 90.17%
  • Etyka – 87.28%
  • Wolność – 85.13%
  • Innowacji – 82.87%
  • Myślenia – 84.14%

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