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Respiratory Therapists Job Description / Funkcie a zodpovednosť šablóny

Posúdiť, care for individuals with respiratory conditions, a rukoväte. Assume main obligation like the direction of asthmatic therapy experts, for all asthmatic treatment modalities. Trigger and perform restorative treatments; sustain patient files; and select, montáž, Skontrolujte, či, and work products.

Požiadavky na spôsobilosť kariéra
  • Set up and operate gadgets for example ecological control systems, fuel operations equipment that was restorative, physical ventilators next specified variables of remedy.
  • Supply cardiopulmonary resuscitation to crisis treatment, for example artificial respiration, heart rub that is exterior, or assistance.
  • Ascertain requirements regarding cure, such as timeframe and type, technique of therapies, precautions to be obtained, or drugs and doses, appropriate for physicians’ objednávky.
  • Check patientis physiological reactions to therapy, such as for example vital signals, gases that are arterial, or blood biochemistry modifications, and check with doctor if side effects arise.
  • Examine prescribed, evaluate arterial blood fumes, and review data that is patient to determine issue that is individual.
  • Implement safety rules and guarantee careful adherence to doctorspurchases.
  • Maintain graphs which contain sufferersA relevant recognition and treatment information.
  • Preskúmať, test, Vymazať, and keep maintaining asthmatic treatment tools to make certain devices is performance securely and effortlessly, purchasing maintenance when required.
  • Instruct their families and patients about their circumstances and train suitable disease management practices, such as for example breathing exercises or perhaps the utilization of medications or respiratory equipment.
  • Describe cure methods to individuals to get cohesiveness and allay fears.
  • Relay body research results to a physician.
  • Perform lung change and functionality devices to have maximum results in treatment.
  • Accomplish instruct individuals in performance of breathing exercises or support and bronchopulmonary discharge.
  • Display breathing treatment techniques to trainees or health staff that are different.
  • Instruct, pripraviť, spravovať, or utilize the assistance of respiratory treatments techs, learners, or helpers.
  • Work with a variety of evaluating ways to identify problems or to guide doctors in heart or lung investigation.
  • Create disaster appointments to resolve devices difficulties.
  • Execute tests, ako napríklad elektrokardiogramu (EKGs), tension testing, or lung volume tests, to judge peopleA cardiopulmonary features.
  • Are section of a-team of doctors or health experts that are other to manage patient care by supporting with surgical procedures or associated jobs.
  • Transport.
  • Perform endotracheal intubation to maintain airways that are start regarding sufferers that are unable to inhale by themselves.
  • Observe heart patients, utilizing electrocardiography products, such as for instance a holter monitor.

Činnosti nevyhnutnosť kariéra
  • Reading Knowledge-Understanding lines and prepared phrases in work related paperwork.
  • Aktívne počúvanie-na to, čo ostatní sú hovorí poskytuje celú pozornosť, čas pochopiť Podrobnosti sa budujú, Zaujíma vás otázky podľa potreby, a nie očarujúce v časoch, ktoré sú nesprávne.
  • Creating-In writing as appropriate for the wants of the audience communicating efficiently.
  • Rozprávanie-hovoriť s ostatnými uviesť fakty bez námahy.
  • Matematika-použitie matematiky pri riešení problémov.
  • Research-Employing techniques and medical regulations to remedy issues.
  • Thinking that is critical-Using reason and thought to identify the advantages and disadvantages of choice alternatives, výsledky alebo spôsoby, ako problémy.
  • Active-Learning-Knowledge new information’s effects for each upcoming and present problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Techniques-Choosing and employing education/instructional practices and processes befitting the specific situation when understanding or instructing fresh points.
  • Monitoring-TrackingPERAssessing effectiveness of different people, sami, or organizations consider corrective action or to make advancements.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being conscious of othersI responses and knowledge while they do why they behave.
  • Koordinácia-nastavenie akcie s ohľadom na iné’ kroky.
  • Persuasion-Convincing others to change their heads or conduct.
  • Mediation-Providing others together and attempting to reconcile variances.
  • Školenia ďalšie HOWTO urobiť ťah.
  • Company Orientation-Earnestly looking for approaches to enable individuals.
  • Complex Problem Solving-Determining complex dilemmas and reviewing connected info apply answers and examine and to develop choices.
  • Operations Evaluation-Considering requires and item needs to produce a style.
  • Technology Design-Producing or having products and technologies to assist user desires.
  • Gear Selection-Identifying tools and equipment’s sort needed to do a task.
  • Splátka-Inštalácia zariadenia, modely, vedenie, alebo balíky na splnenie špecifikácií.
  • Programming-Writing computer applications regarding applications that are different.
  • Function Monitoring-Seeing different symptoms, gombíky, or gauges to make sure an equipment is working correctly.
  • Functioning and Handle-Preventing operations of products or devices.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Executing routine maintenance on gear and deciding when.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining factors behind running mistakes and choosing what direction to go about it.
  • Repairing-Fixing methods or products utilizing the methods that are essential.
  • Quality Control Research-Doing inspections and assessments of products, služby, alebo procesov posúdiť funkčnosť alebo výborné.
  • Judgment and Decision Making-Thinking about benefits and the relative fees of likely steps to choose the one that is most suitable.
  • Systems Analysis-Identifying how a method should work and the way changes in the environment, funkcie, rovnako ako ochorenia ovplyvnia účinky.
  • Systems Evaluation-Identifying methods or signals of system performance along with relative to the objectives of the machine, the steps needed seriously to increase or appropriate efficiency.
  • Čas Management-riadenie iné’ moment as well as oneis own time.
  • Administration of Money-Deciding how income is going to be expended to acquire the job done, a pokiaľ ide o tieto náklady.
  • Supervision of Product Methods-Experiencing and obtaining to the proper usage of products, služby, a produkty potrebné na konkrétnu prácu.
  • Supervision of Employees Resources-Inspiring, vytvorenie, a usmernenie osôb, ako fungujú, identifying the best persons for your occupation.
Požiadavka na odbornú prípravu Požiadavky na vedomosti
  • Priradiť ’ s stupeň (alebo iná suma dva-rok)
  • Bakalárske ’ s-stupeň
  • Viac ako 6 týždňov, rovnako ako 1-rok a vrátane,
Požiadavky na spôsobilosť príkaz povolanie
  • AchievementOREffort – 93.78%
  • Húževnatosť – 93.64%
  • Úsilie – 91.43%
  • Vedenie – 91.70%
  • Pomoc – 97.79%
  • Problém pre ostatné – 96.99%
  • Sociálna orientácia – 90.15%
  • Sebaovládanie – 96.91%
  • Stresového prahu – 96.33%
  • Všestrannosť/flexibilita – 94.55%
  • Dôveryhodnosť – 96.57%
  • Povedomie o Detail – 96.59%
  • Integrita – 96.95%
  • Sloboda – 93.47%
  • Vynález – 88.02%
  • Myslenie – 92.13%

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