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Craft Artists Job Description / Ansvar prov och funktioner

Develop or replicate hand made materials on the market and display using a selection of tactics, such as for instance weaving, svetsning, keramik, and needlecraft.

Jobb färdigheter kvalifikation
  • Develop objects that are practical or decorative by-hand, employing a variety of strategies and materials.
  • Skär, form, passar, Join, mjöldagg, or elsewhere method components, employing power tools palm tools, or machinery equipment.
  • Market products are shown to by art that is attend.
  • Styrka, färg, struktur, jämvikt, vikt, storlek, malleability and other features were based on by pick resources to be used.
  • Employ coatings to objects being created.
  • Acquire principles or ideas regarding hobby things.
  • Set requirements for components, storlek, and coatings.
  • Seek advice from buyers attain feedback or to assess purchaser wants.
  • Fabricate templates or patterns to steer create output.
  • Develop prototypes or types of objects to become crafted.
  • Drawing or attract items to become crafted.
  • Perform and market products, using press such as for example internet promoting and leaflets.
  • Build product packaging, Visa, and pricing tactics.
  • Study build developments, settings, and consumer obtaining behaviour to encourage styles and promoting tactics.
  • Produce types using specialised PC software.

Ockupationen åtgärder kvalifikation
  • Reading Knowledge-Knowledge sentences and written paragraphs in work paperwork that are related.
  • Active-Listening-To what other-people assert offering total attention,, getting time to comprehend the details being produced, ansökande frågor som ideal, and not mesmerizing at instances that are wrong.
  • Creating-On paper as appropriate for the wants of the audience communicating effectively.
  • Chatta-talar till andra att förmedla fakta effektivt.
  • Aritmetik-tillämpningen av matematik för att lösa problem.
  • Technology-Utilizing controlled guidelines and techniques to solve issues.
  • Thinking that is critical-Utilizing reason and reasons to spot the advantages and weaknesses of conclusions, substitute options or approaches to difficulties.
  • Active Learning-Knowledge new information’s ramifications for each recent and future problem solving and decision making.
  • Learning Strategies-Utilizing and choosing coachingANDeducational methods and methods befitting the situation when mastering or coaching points that are fresh.
  • Tracking-TrackingORDetermining functionality of yourself, individer som är andra, or corporations consider corrective steps or to create changes.
  • Sociala klarsynthet-veta andra’ reactions as they do why they react and comprehension.
  • Fingerfärdighet-förändra åtgärder i förhållande till andra’ beteende.
  • Marketing-Persuading others to alter their intellects or conduct.
  • Förhandling-levererar andra gemensamt och försöker förena variationer.
  • Utbilda utbilda-andra exakt hur att göra ett drag.
  • Service Orientation-Earnestly looking for methods to enable individuals.
  • Complex Problemsolving-Identifying intricate issues and researching connected details apply answers and to build up and appraise possibilities.
  • Operations Analysis-Inspecting merchandise demands and desires to produce a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Technologies to provide user and having gear or producing wants.
  • Gear Selection-Determining tools and equipment’s kind had a need to perform a career.
  • Installation-installera redskap, produkter, ledningar, eller planer för att möta upp funktioner.
  • Utveckling-att skapa datorprogram för program som är olika.
  • Operation Tracking-Watching different indicators, rattar, eller utvärderingar för att säkerställa att en enhet fungerar korrekt.
  • Functioning and Manage-Handling procedures of devices or techniques.
  • Maintenance-Performing servicing that is routine on gear and deciding when and what sort of servicing will become necessary.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding causes of errors that are running and choosing what to do about it.
  • Mending-Restoring models or methods using the instruments that are essential.
  • Quality Control Examination-Conducting examinations and assessments of products, tjänster, eller tekniker för att mäta kvalitet eller effektivitet.
  • Judgment and Decisionmaking-Considering benefits and the general expenses of steps that are likely to find the one that is best suited.
  • Systems Analysis-Determining the way modifications in the environment, verksamhet, and also situations can affect outcomes and how a method must operate.
  • Methods Evaluation-Distinguishing procedures or symptoms of performance and also in accordance with the ambitions of the device, det beteende som krävs för att stärka eller lämpligt prestanda.
  • Time-Management-Managing the personal time as well as the time of others of one.
  • Administration of Money-Determining how cash is likely to be expended to get the work done, och försäljning för dessa kostnader.
  • Management of Product Sources-Seeing and finding for the proper usage of products, Faciliteter, and gear had a need to do specific work.
  • Supervision of Employees Resources-Leading people because they, byggnad, och uppmuntra funktion, determining the very best folks for your job.
Examen Upplev kvalifikation
  • High School grad (eller GED eller gymnasiet likvärdighet dokument)
  • Ungkarlen ’ s grad
  • Betydligt mindre än högre skolan
  • Ingen
Karriär hantering färdigheter kvalifikation
  • AchievementsORWork – %
  • Uthållighet – %
  • Ansträngning – %
  • Kommandot – %
  • Samarbete – %
  • Fråga för andra – %
  • Social orientering – %
  • Selfcontrol – %
  • Stresstålighet – %
  • AdaptabilityORFlexibility – %
  • Driftsäkerhet – %
  • Fokusera på Detaljer – %
  • Styrka – %
  • Oberoende – %
  • Avancemang – %
  • Analytiska tänkande – %

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