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Athletes And Sports Competitors Job Description / اسائنمنٹس اور ذمہ داری نمونہ

Compete in athletic events.

ملازمت کی مہارت قابلیت
  • Attend scheduled follow or workout sessions.
  • Be involved in competing sports or fitness functions, according-to recognized rules and regulations.
  • Exercise or training under the course of fitness trainers or coaches that are expert to develop expertise, improve shape, or get ready for tournaments.
  • Retain gear used in a certain sport.
  • Retain optimum health and fitness degrees by education routinely, following nutrition options, or contacting with health care professionals.
  • Determine performance making modifications to enhance future performance, pinpointing benefits and flaws and following athletic competitors.
  • Receive guidelines from coaches along with other sports team before activities, and examine their effectiveness afterwards.
  • Symbolize teams or athletics groups that are specialist, executing such routines as as creating toasts ending up in customers of the press, or taking part in nonprofit activities activities.
  • By offering as skipper cause groups.

کیریئر کی معمول کی ضرورت
  • Reading Comprehension-Knowledge lines and composed sentences in work related paperwork.
  • زیر عمل کو سن کر جو کچھ دوسرے لوگ پوری توجہ قربانی کہہ رہے ہیں,, getting time and energy to recognize the points being produced, مثالی طور پر سوالات پوچھ, and never stifling at times that are wrong.
  • Publishing-Written down as appropriate for the requirements of the audience speaking effectively,.
  • Speaking-Conversing with others to convey information properly.
  • مسائل کو حل کرنے کے لیے ریاضی کا اطلاق ریاضیات.
  • Science-Utilizing techniques and clinical rules to fix difficulties.
  • Thinking that is critical-Applying logic and reasons to spot the skills and disadvantages of results, substitute remedies or approaches to dilemmas.
  • Active Learning-Knowledge new information’s effects for both future and latest problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Techniques-Employing and choosing educationANDinstructional strategies and treatments befitting the situation when learning or teaching things that are new.
  • Checking-TrackingANDEvaluating effectiveness of additional individuals, اپنے آپ کو, or companies consider remedial action or to generate developments.
  • سماجی ادراک-انسان دوسروں کے بارے میں علم’ tendencies and comprehending why they respond because they do.
  • مشاقی مردوںمیں اعمال اوٹہیرسا برتاؤ کے سلسلے.
  • Persuasion-Effective others to change actions or their intellects.
  • Negotiation-Providing others together and looking to reconcile variations.
  • تعلیم-دوسروں کس طرح کارروائی کرنے کی تعلیم.
  • Services Orientation-Definitely searching for ways to support folks.
  • Complex Problemsolving-Identifying complex issues and critiquing information that is connected evaluate and to produce options and apply remedies.
  • Procedures Research-Studying merchandise prerequisites and requires to produce a layout.
  • Technology Design-Adapting gear or creating and engineering to serve person requires.
  • Gear Selection-Identifying the kind of tools and equipment needed to execute a task.
  • قسط تنصیب کاری آلات, سامان, تاروں, یا وضاحتیں کو پورا کرنے کے لیے پروگرام.
  • Development-Composing computer programs for functions that are different.
  • آپریشن خصوصیات سراغ راہ دیکھ کر, کال, or other signals to make sure an appliance is working appropriately.
  • Function and Manage-Managing procedures of devices or programs.
  • Maintenance-Executing routine maintenance on devices and deciding when.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding factors behind errors that are functioning and choosing what to do about this.
  • Fixing-Mending devices or products utilizing the instruments that are needed.
  • Quality-Control Research-Doing investigations and assessments of items, مسائل کے حل, یا گیج بہترین یا فعالیت کرنے کے طریقے.
  • View and Decision Making-Thinking about the comparable charges and great things about possible actions to find the one that is best suited.
  • Analysis-Deciding what sort of process must work and how improvements in functions, حالات, as well as the atmosphere may impact results.
  • Methods Evaluation-Distinguishing steps or symptoms of system performance and appropriate or the behavior needed to enhance efficiency, مشین کے مقاصد کے مطابق.
  • Time-Management-Controlling the personal moment as well as others’ ایک لمحہ.
  • Operations of Money-Deciding how cash will soon be used to have the work accomplished, اور ان کے اخراجات کے بارے میں فروخت.
  • Management of Content Assets-Seeing and finding towards the suitable utilization of of amenities devices, and materials materials needed seriously to do certain operate.
  • Supervision of Staff Resources-Directing individuals because they, پیدا کرنا, اور فعل کی حوصلہ افزائی, کام کے لئے سب سے بہتر لوگ پانپوانٹانگ.
تربیت کی ضرورت تجربے کی ضرورت
  • سکول کے ایک اونچی سطح سے کم نمایاں طور پر
  • ہائی اسکول کی سطح (یا نوآموزی یا ہائی سکول کے مساوات قابلیت)
  • بیچلر ’ s-ڈگری
  • سے زیادہ 10 سال
کیریئر کے حکم کی مہارت کی ضرورت
  • اچیویمانتنڈوورک – 91.11%
  • بردباری – 92.07%
  • محرک – 93.35%
  • اتھارٹی – 95.70%
  • تعاون – 95.96%
  • دوسروں کے بارے میں تشویش – 92.23%
  • ثقافتی سمت – 99.01%
  • سیلفکونٹرول – 91.47%
  • کشیدگی رواداری – 96.59%
  • ورساٹالاٹیورفریداوم – 92.31%
  • مستقل مزاجی – 91.08%
  • تفصیل کے بارے میں آگہی – 85.40%
  • اخلاقیات – 89.40%
  • آزادی – 94.22%
  • بدعت – 85.64%
  • تجزیاتی سوچ – 94.74%

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