گھر / Electrical And Electronic Equipment Assemblers Job Description / اسائنمنٹس اور ذمہ داری نمونہ

Electrical And Electronic Equipment Assemblers Job Description / اسائنمنٹس اور ذمہ داری نمونہ

Assemble or change electric or electrical equipment, including computers, test equipment telemetering techniques, generators that are electrical .

ملازمت کی مہارت کی ضرورت
  • Construct power or digital methods or assist structures and mount subassemblies, ماڈل, factors or construction casings, utilizing rivets soldering -welding devices.
  • مطابق کریں, درست کریں, or replace electric or electric component components to ensure conformance to specs also to correct defects.
  • Cleanse pieces, utilizing cleansing solutions, ہوا ہوزز, اور تولیے.
  • Read and interpret pictures, ڈایا گرام, بلیو پرنٹس, چشمی, function orders that are schematic, or reviews to find out construction directions or products prerequisites.
  • Position, ترتیب دیں, or modify workpieces or power pieces to accomplish assemblage or wires.
  • Confer with supervisors or designers even to solve creation problems or review or to plan perform actions.
  • Explain assemblage techniques or ways to different staff.
  • Fabricate or variety circles, ٹکڑے ٹکڑے, or buildings according-to specs, utilizing cutters, کالاپارس, exercises, or saws.
  • Drill or faucet slots in specific tools places to install manage items or even to present openings regarding cabling, things, یا آلات.
  • Cabling setups that are examination or examine, اسمبلیوں, or circuits regarding document and operations outcomes or for resistance components.
  • Indicate pieces and Draw to ensure that investment products might be followed and revealed.
  • Group done assemblies for delivery and transfer these to storage locations, utilizing hoists or handtrucks.
  • Evaluate and regulate currents to chosen ideals to determine working precision of equipment.
  • Finish, کا جائزہ لیں, or sustain component spend reports, لمحہ, or output.
  • Paint sprayers being, used by coloring buildings as given.
  • Instruct shoppers inside products’ قسط, بحال کریں, or preservation.
  • Materials that are spread, اشیاء.

کام اعمال قابلیت
  • Reading Comprehension-Knowledge paragraphs and composed content in work docs that are related.
  • زیر عمل-سن-کو فراہم کرنے کی پوری توجہ جو کچھ دوسرے لوگ کہتے ہیں, getting time and energy to realize the points being built, inquiring سوالات مناسب طور پر, and not mesmerizing at incorrect situations.
  • Publishing-Speaking effectively written down as right for the needs of the crowd.
  • Speaking-Conversing with others to convey facts properly.
  • Mathematics-Applying arithmetic to fix problems.
  • Research-Using scientific regulations and solutions to fix issues.
  • Thinking that is critical-Using logic and thinking to recognize disadvantages and the strengths of substitute options, نتیجہ یا منکشف کرنے کے طریقے.
  • Active Learning-Knowing the significance of new info for each current and potential problem solving and decisionmaking.
  • Learning Approaches-Employing and choosing teachingANDtutorial approaches and techniques befitting the situation coaching or when mastering fresh points.
  • Checking-TrackingPEREvaluating efficiency of businesses, مختلف لوگوں, or yourself take corrective actions or to produce advancements.
  • سماجی ادراک-انسان دوسروں کے بارے میں علم’ tendencies why they react because they do and comprehension.
  • کنٹرول میں تبدیلی عمل اوترسا کے اقدامات کے حوالے.
  • مارکیٹنگ-دوسروں کی عادت یا ان کے خیالات کو تبدیل کرنے کے لیے قائل.
  • Settlement-Bringing others jointly and wanting to reconcile variations.
  • تعلیم-دوسروں کوچنگ کاروائی کرنے کا طریقہ.
  • Service Orientation-Earnestly trying to find approaches to support persons.
  • Complex Problemsolving-Determining intricate difficulties and critiquing data that is linked appraise and to produce choices and implement answers.
  • Operations Research-Analyzing desires and product specifications to create a style.
  • Engineering Design-Technologies to offer individual and changing devices or making requires.
  • Tools Selection-Determining the kind of equipment and tools had a need to do a work.
  • پروگرام کی تنصیب کا اضافہ, ماڈل, سا, یا آلات تصویر کرانا.
  • Encoding-Composing computer packages for purposes that are numerous.
  • Function Tracking-Seeing additional symptoms, کنوبس, or tests to ensure there is an appliance functioning appropriately.
  • Procedure and Handle-Managing operations of devices or techniques.
  • خدمت کا سامان پر اور وقت کا تعین کرنے کا سامان بحالی کی خدمات سرانجام دے رہا ہے معمول.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding reasons for mistakes that are running and deciding what to do about any of it.
  • Mending-Mending equipment or techniques using the instruments that are required.
  • Quality Control Examination-Executing examinations and exams of items, کمپنیوں, یا افعال جج فعالیت یا معیار.
  • Ruling and Decisionmaking-Thinking about the comparable charges and benefits of prospective actions to find the best suited one.
  • Analysis-Identifying what sort of system must function and how modifications in conditions, افعال, as well as the setting can impact results.
  • Systems Analysis-Determining actions or signs of performance and appropriate or the actions had a need to increase efficiency, اس نظام کی خواہشوں کے مطابق.
  • مینجمنٹ کا انتظام کرنے کے وقت دیگر’ time as well as one’s own moment.
  • Management of Savings-Deciding how funds will soon be invested to acquire the work done, اور یہ فیس برائے فروخت.
  • Operations of Content Sources-Discovering and obtaining for the correct use of of establishments equipment, and resources components needed to do selected operate.
  • نگرانی کا عملہ وسائل-متقین کا مقام, لکھے, اور کیونکہ وہ کام افراد کو سنایا, distinguishing the best folks for your task.
تربیت کی قابلیت علم کی ضرورت
  • ہائی اسکول کی سطح (یا نوآموزی یا ہائی سکول کے مساوات کے سرٹیفیکیٹ)
  • کم-ایک سب سے اوپر اسکول ڈپلومہ کے مقابلے
  • بہت سے اساتذہ کے پروگرام
  • کوئی نہیں
کام کنٹرول کی مہارت کی ضرورت
  • کامیابی/کی کوشش – 85.71%
  • چیپ – 88.02%
  • محرک – 82.00%
  • انتظام – 83.81%
  • تعاون – 87.38%
  • دوسروں کے لئے مسئلہ – 86.63%
  • سماجی سیدھ – 85.03%
  • سیلفکونٹرول – 90.88%
  • دباؤ چوکھٹ – 85.57%
  • کسٹومازٹاونورموبلاٹی – 90.05%
  • استحکام – 88.99%
  • پہلو کی طرف توجہ – 90.26%
  • ایمانداری – 85.78%
  • آزادی – 83.59%
  • ترقی – 81.02%
  • سوچ – 86.08%

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