گھر / Hoist And Winch Operators Job Description / کام اور ذمہ داری نمونہ

Hoist And Winch Operators Job Description / کام اور ذمہ داری نمونہ

Perform hoists or winches to elevate and take loads using energy-operated wire gear.

ملازمت کی مہارت کی ضرورت
  • Go levers, pedals, and throttles to stop, شروع کریں, and control speeds of winch or hoist percussion in response to palm, bell, buzzer, ٹیلی فون, loudspeaker, یا انتباہات, or by noticing dial indicators or wire signifies.
  • Commence engines of utilize and hoists or winches levers and pedals to wind or unwind wire on drums.
  • Give and signals and view tools gauges signs of employees that are different to confirm load opportunities.
  • Diesel was compressed-air, by work energy, or water-motivated winches or hoists to control movements of cages draglines, loaders, railcars, or skips.
  • Go or reposition supplies and hoists, winches, بوجھ, yourself or utilizing equipment and products for example trucks, ناقل, and hands trucks.
  • Select components or masses based on weight and dimensions specs.
  • Sign and aid workers that are additional unloading or running resources.
  • منسلک کریں, درست کریں, and disconnect outlines or cables to masses, مصنوعات, اور آلات, ہاتھ کے اوزار لگا رہا ہے ۔.
  • Move and foot brakes or use give levers to lock hoists or winches.
  • So that cabling will wind efficiently fat winch drums.
  • Rise steps to put and set vehicle up -mounted derricks.
  • بحال کریں, برقرار رکھنے, and regulate devices, ہاتھ ٹولز سے فائدہ اٹھاتے.
  • Tend additional gear, including stop obstructs, or jacks, سلانگس, سا, to aid relocating resources or items regarding additional control.

Career Actions Requirement
  • Reading Comprehension-Understanding prepared sentences and paragraphs in work related paperwork.
  • Active Listening-Giving entire awareness of what others are saying, acquiring time for you to comprehend the factors being manufactured, صحیح طور پر سوالات کی فرمایش کر رہا ہے, اور کبھی ناقابل قبول اوقات میں سٹافلانگ.
  • Producing-Communicating successfully on paper as appropriate for the wants of the viewers.
  • خطاب کرتے ہوئے بولنے والے کوائف کو صحیح طور پر اشتراک کرنے کے لئے دوسروں کے ساتھ.
  • مسائل کو حل کرنے کے لئے حساب لگانے ریاضیات.
  • Research-Using solutions and scientific regulations to resolve difficulties.
  • Criticalthinking-Applying judgement and reason to recognize weaknesses and the talents of methods, conclusions or alternate remedies to dilemmas.
  • Active-Learning-Knowledge the ramifications of new facts for each existing and upcoming problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Techniques-Applying and picking trainingANDtutorial approaches and processes befitting the specific situation educating or when mastering fresh factors.
  • Monitoring-CheckingANDDetermining effectiveness of oneself, وہ افراد جو مختلف ہیں, or corporations consider corrective steps or to generate changes.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being aware of othersI responses while they do why they react and knowledge.
  • کنٹرول کو تبدیل کرنے کے عمل دوسروں کے حوالے’ اقدامات.
  • Persuasion-Convincing others to change their thoughts or habits.
  • Discussion-Getting others together and attempting to reconcile differences.
  • تمام سہولیات سے مزین تعلیم دوسروں کو منتقل کرنے کے لئے کس طرح.
  • Services Orientation-Actively searching for approaches to enable persons.
  • Advanced Problem-Solving-Identifying advanced difficulties and researching associated details examine and to develop selections and implement answers.
  • Operations Research-Analyzing desires and solution demands to produce a style.
  • Technology Design-Generating or having devices and technology to offer person wants.
  • Gear Selection-Determining tools and equipment’s type had a need to do a work.
  • تنصیب کر رہا ہے-اضافہ سا, آلات, مصنوعات, یا خصوصیات کو پورا کرنے کے لئے پیکجوں.
  • Development-Publishing computer packages for purposes that are different.
  • Operations Monitoring-Viewing calls tests, or additional indicators indicators to make sure there is an equipment performing properly.
  • Operations and Manage-Preventing functions of gear or methods.
  • سامان کی فراہمی پر سروسنگ اور وقت کا تعین کرنے کا سامان دیکھ بھال طرزِ معمول.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding reasons for blunders that are managing and choosing how to proceed about this.
  • Restoring-Restoring techniques or equipment utilising the essential tools.
  • Quality Control Research-Conducting investigations and testing of items, مہیا کار, یا آپریشنز کی کارکردگی میں اضافہ کا فیصلہ کرنے یا بہترین.
  • Ruling and Decision-Making-Thinking about benefits and the relative prices of steps that are likely to find the best suited one.
  • Analysis-Determining how a process should work and how modifications in procedures, حالات, as well as the setting may impact results.
  • Methods Analysis-Determining steps or indications of system performance and also relative to the ambitions of the device, the steps had a need to boost or proper functionality.
  • وقت کا انتظام سنبھالنے دوسروں’ moment and oneis own time.
  • Management of Money-Determining how income is likely to be expended to obtain the work done, اور ان کے اخراجات کے لئے کیپنگ.
  • Operations of Materials Sources-Obtaining and discovering for the proper utilization of products, سہولیات, and components had a need to do specified function.
  • Operations of Workers Resources-Establishing motivating, and leading persons as they they operate, identifying the most effective individuals for that occupation.
تربیت کی ضرورت علم کی قابلیت
  • ہائی سکول ڈپلومہ (یا نوآموزی یا ہائی سکول کے مساوات کے استناد)
  • اسکول کے ایک اعلی ڈپلوما سے نمایاں طور پر کم
  • سے زیادہ 1 سال, تک اور بشمول 24 ماہ
قبضے کی حکم کی مہارت کی ضرورت
  • سککیسانداٹمپٹ – 82.97%
  • بردباری – 85.87%
  • اقدام – 84.49%
  • اتھارٹی – 77.98%
  • اعانت – 85.38%
  • دوسروں کے بارے میں کوئی بات – 79.10%
  • ثقافتی پوزیشن کاری – 76.55%
  • خود کنٹرول – 82.78%
  • کشیدگی چوکھٹ – 79.42%
  • ٹربیونلز/استرتا – 83.64%
  • معتبریت – 87.45%
  • تفصیلات کے بارے میں آگہی – 87.61%
  • قوت – 81.23%
  • آزادی – 84.93%
  • بدعت – 92.19%
  • سوچ – 89.07%

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