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Subway And Streetcar Operators Job Description / افعال اور ذمہ داری سانچا

Elevated suburban teaches with no distinct locomotive or perform train, or electronic -powered streetcar, to transport people. Lasts are handled by may.

ملازمت کی مہارت کی ضرورت
  • Shut and perform adjustments to available flow car doorways.
  • Control railroad and travel -advised community transport, including subways, greater locomotives, and power-run trams, streetcars, or trolleys, to move travellers.
  • Monitor lamps showing obstructions or other locomotives forward watching at crossings for automobile and truck traffic to remain alert to potential risks.
  • Immediate emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Control vehicle speed as well as the moment used at each end to steadfastly keep up schedules.
  • Survey delays, technical troubles, and emergencies to dispatchers or superiors, using radios.
  • Create announcements to people, of forthcoming timetable delays or prevents for example signals.
  • Complete reports, including crash or occurrence reports and switch summaries.
  • Meet people, present details, and answer issues concerning prices, ایجنڈے, exchanges, and routings.
  • Attend conferences on traveler and driver safety to understand ways that occupation performance may be influenced.
  • Accumulate prices from exchanges, and matter modify and people.
  • File deals and money receptor parts to confirm the total amount of money collected.

کیریئر کی سرگرمیوں کی ضرورت
  • Reading Knowledge-Comprehension paragraphs and prepared paragraphs in work-related paperwork.
  • Active-Listening-Presenting full awareness of what other folks assert, وقت کا استعمال کرتے ہوئے تیار ہونے والے عوامل کی, مناسب طور پر مسائل کی سوچ, اور کبھی غلط وقت میسمریزانگ.
  • Producing-Communicating successfully on paper as appropriate for the requirements of the crowd.
  • Speaking-Conversing with others to share data effectively.
  • مسائل کے حل کے لیے ریاضی کا استعمال کرتے ہوئے ریاضیات.
  • Science-Using controlled regulations and techniques to solve problems.
  • Criticalthinking-Utilizing reasoning and reasoning to recognize weaknesses and the benefits of alternative options, نتائج یا طریقوں کے مسائل.
  • Active Learning-Comprehending new information’s significance for both potential and latest problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Strategies-Selecting and applying instructionANDeducational strategies and techniques befitting the situation educating or when studying fresh items.
  • Checking-TrackingOREvaluating effectiveness of organizations, دوسرے لوگ, or oneself to make advancements or consider remedial action.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being not unaware of othersI responses and knowing why they respond as they do.
  • مشاقی اخذ اعمال دوسروں کے سلسلے’ اقدامات.
  • Salesmanship-Genuine others to change habits or their brains.
  • آبادکاری دوسروں مل کر لینے اور موجود اختلافات پر مصالحت کرنے کی کوشش.
  • تمام سہولیات سے مزین-دیگر تمام سہولیات سے مزین کاروائی کرنے کا طریقہ.
  • Company Orientation-Earnestly seeking ways to help people.
  • Advanced Problem Solving-Identifying complex troubles and critiquing info that is relevant to produce and appraise alternatives and implement options.
  • Businesses Analysis-Analyzing needs and item needs to make a layout.
  • Technology Design-Technology to function user and adapting tools or producing requirements.
  • Equipment Selection-Deciding tools and equipment’s type had a need to execute a work.
  • تنصیب کر رہا ہے-اضافہ ماڈل, مصنوعات, تاریں, یا عام طور پر شیشے کو پورا کرنے کے لئے پیکجوں.
  • Programming-Producing computer packages regarding several functions.
  • خصوصیات دیکھنے کے عمل کی نگرانی کا مطالبہ, or additional signals signs to be sure there is an equipment currently operating effectively.
  • Procedure and Manage-Managing procedures of devices or techniques.
  • Maintenance-Accomplishing routine maintenance on devices and deciding when.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying causes of glitches that are managing and deciding what to do about any of it.
  • Restoring-Repairing equipment or programs utilising the required tools.
  • Quality Control Evaluation-Executing assessments and tests of items, مسائل کے حل, یا آپریشن کے لئے بہترین گیج یا کارکردگی.
  • View and Decisionmaking-Thinking about the comparative fees and advantages of possible steps to find the best suited one.
  • Analysis-Identifying what sort of program should work and how changes in businesses, بیماریوں, as well as the surroundings can affect effects.
  • Systems Analysis-Identifying measures or indications of system performance along with relative to the goals of the machine, correct or the measures had a need to boost performance.
  • Time-Management-Handling one’s own moment and the moment of others.
  • Administration of Money-Determining how cash will soon be used to have the work performed, اور ان کے بل کے لئے کیپنگ.
  • Operations of Material Sources-Viewing and receiving towards the proper usage of components, خصوصیات, اور سنجیدگی سے کام منتخب کرنے کے لیے درکار آلات.
  • Administration of Workers Resources-Acquiring, حوصلہ افزائی, اور وہ کام کرتے ہیں کیونکہ لوگوں کی طرف اشارہ, کام کے لئے سب سے زیادہ مؤثر لوگوں پانپوانٹانگ.
تربیت کی ضرورت علم کی ضرورت ہے
  • ہائی سکول ڈپلومہ (یا نوآموزی یا ہائی سکول کے مساوات سرٹیفیکیشن)
  • کچھ کالج کی تربیت
  • کوئی نہیں
کیریئر کے کنٹرول کی مہارت ماقبل مطالبات
  • اچیویمانتندانرجی – 91.10%
  • چیپ – 91.18%
  • کوشش – 90.46%
  • کنٹرول – 90.45%
  • تعاون – 94.90%
  • غیروں کیلئے – 93.39%
  • ثقافتی سیدھ – 90.00%
  • سیلفکونٹرول – 94.65%
  • دباؤ برداشت – 95.54%
  • ورساٹالاٹیاندفلیبلاٹی – 91.45%
  • معتبریت – 95.87%
  • گہرائی کی طرف توجہ – 93.06%
  • ایمانداری – 93.81%
  • آزادی – 90.68%
  • بدعت – 87.12%
  • سوچ – 87.57%

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