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Giáo viên giáo dục đặc biệt, Preschool Job Description / Trách nhiệm mẫu và nhiệm vụ

Show university subjects that are pre-school to handicapped students and educationally. Contains teachers who focus and use audibly and successfully disabled pupils and those who train standard academic and existence functions abilities for the psychologically disadvantaged.

Việc làm kỹ năng cần thiết
  • Organize space that is indoor or outdoor to help innovative enjoy, motor-skill activities, or security.
  • Attend to kidsfundamental requirements by by dressing them giving them, or transforming their nappies diapers.
  • Connect nonverbally using children to provide ease, hỗ trợ, or positive support to them.
  • Consult with parents, guardians, instructors, Các chuyên gia, or directors to solve pupilsA behavior or academic dilemmas.
  • Create personal educational ideas (IEPs) built to encourage individualsA instructional, vật lý, or societal improvement.
  • Create or implement ways of meet with the requirements of learners having a variety of handicaps.
  • Employ special educational approaches or techniques during education to improve the development of sensory- và perceptual- kỹ năng, vocabulary, nhận thức, or storage.
  • Promote learners to examine with difficult tasks to get ready later marks these studying opportunities or persevere.
  • Create and talk distinct goals to pupils or adults for all training, Mô hình, and initiatives.
  • Build and implement principles for procedures and actions regarding maintaining obtain among pupils.
  • Instruct and observe learners while in the employ and attention of resources or tools to stop injury and accidents.
  • Transform the typical pre-school program regarding special needs pupils.
  • Instructor personnel or check educators to make certain adherence to special education program requirements.
  • Discover and examine learners’ hiệu suất, societal development behavior, and actual health wellness.
  • Arrange and monitor activities or different outdoor recreation to promote interpersonal improvement, tâm lý, or real.
  • Manage and approach experiential learning routines, such as for instance class assignments, industry excursions, or routines.
  • Make kiddies classrooms to explore, điều chỉnh, or use within learning creative play or routines.
  • Next programs directions, Các bộ sưu tập, or additional materials for lessons of research, prepare targets or needs.
  • Present information in audiovisual or active forms, employing desktops, truyền hình, audio-visual assists that are, hoặc thiết bị khác, sản phẩm, hoặc hệ thống.
  • Read books to overall lessons or even to smaller organizations.
  • Serve foods or snacks with nutritional directions in accordance.
  • Show simple skills, such as for instance amount, hình dạng, color and letter reputation, personal cleanliness, or cultural skills, to individuals that are preschool using specialneeds.
  • Educate socially acceptable habits, utilizing practices such as for example positive support or behavior changes.
  • Train pupils improvement capabilities that are personal, such as goal setting, self-sufficiency, or home-advocacy.
  • Render testing to greatly help determine likely, requirements, or children’s developmental degrees.
  • Instructional conventions attend professional gatherings, or educator education instruction workshops to maintain or strengthen proficiency that is professional.
  • Collaborate with different teachers or administrators assess to produce, or revise pre-school plans plans.
  • Bàn thảo với cha mẹ, Giám đốc, assessment professionals, cultural personnel, or other professionals to produce person training options (IEPs).
  • Control the stock or submission of class devices, thành phần, hoặc sản phẩm.
  • Coordinate placement of learners having specialneeds into conventional courses.
  • Maintain scholar records that were finish and correct as required by restrictions that were administrative, area plans, hoặc luật pháp.
  • Talk with adults or parents to talk about their children’s advance, advise these on applying neighborhood methods, or train knowledge regarding coping with pupilsA disabilities.
  • Display and coordinate studentswork in a way appropriate for their expertise that are perceptual.
  • Prepare tasks regarding teacher helpers.
  • As required by management prepare reviews on learners and routines.
  • Supply assistive equipment, supporting technologies, or assistance accessing features, for example toilets.

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