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Neurologists Job Description / 职能和职责模板

标识, 治疗, and assist in preventing illnesses and problems of the nervous-system.

  • Take part in research pursuits that are neuroscience.
  • Offer medical students or personnel with instruction.
  • Take part in continuingeducation pursuits broaden and to keep up understanding.
  • Manage medical technicians within the functionality of actions that are therapeutic or nerve analytic.
  • Lawyer people or others about the qualifications of nerve ailments including inherited or environmental problems, or risk elements.
  • Translate the results of neuroimaging studies including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (磁共振成像), One Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), and Positron Emission Tomography (狗) 测试.
  • Direct sufferers to different medical care professionals as necessary.
  • Encourage additional doctors on the cure of difficulties that are nerve.
  • Recommend or provide medications, such as for instance anti-epileptic drugs, and observe individuals regarding intellectual and attitudinal side effects.
  • 让, 保留, or evaluation documents including individualspasts, nerve examination studies, therapy strategies, or effects.
  • Interpret or get link between lab studies of patientsA body.
  • Buy encouraging care services such as physical therapy, nursing treatment that is specific, and cultural solutions.
  • Interview individuals to have information such as family, indicators and complaints histories.
  • Notify rewards, dangers and prices of numerous therapy ideas, or people or groups of neurological conclusions and prognoses.
  • Nerve conditions that were spot depending on presentation of of backgrounds examination conclusions, or test outcomes results.
  • Produce dangers and fees, or remedy options centered on conclusions and on evaluation of components such as for example general health and era.
  • Establish head dying applying accepted checks and treatments.
  • Talk to additional health care professionals regarding peopleI problems and attention.
  • Synchronize nerve services with different health care staff pursuits.
  • Conduct or interpret analysis tests such as for instance back punctures electromyography or positive results of procedures.
  • Discover and handle issues and significant nerve process diseases including main nervous-system contamination, backbone injury that is cranio, 老年痴呆症 , and stroke.
  • Examine patients to obtain information regarding useful status of areas such as for example mental qualities, bodily energy, coordination, 反应, feelings, vocabulary capabilities, 观点, and intellectual position.
  • Prescribe or give therapies such as for instance vagus nerve stimulation magnetic stimulation, and strong stimulation stimulation.
  • Conduct customized solutions in places for example sleep disorders, neuroimmunology, neurooncology neurology.

  • Reading Comprehension-Comprehending sentences and written content in work-related docs.
  • Active-Listening-Supplying whole awareness of what other people say, acquiring time to understand the items being manufactured, 作为适当的请求问题, and never interrupting at improper times.
  • 写作的写作不是适合人群顺利沟通的需求.
  • Chatting-Talking-to others to share data effortlessly.
  • 数学应用数学解决问题.
  • Science-Employing techniques and clinical regulations to fix difficulties.
  • Critical-Thinking-Using logic and reason to recognize the talents and weaknesses of ways, 想法或困境的备选答案.
  • Active Learning-Knowledge the benefits of info that is fresh for both potential and recent problemsolving and decisionmaking.
  • Learning Strategies-Using and choosing teachingANDinstructional practices and methods befitting the specific situation teaching or when mastering new issues.
  • Checking-CheckingPERDiscovering efficiency of oneself, 不同的人, or corporations take corrective steps or to create improvements.
  • 他人的社会洞察力-意识’ 响应和理解为什么他们的行为却.
  • 相对于其他控制改变行动’ 活动.
  • Salesmanship-Genuine others to alter behaviour or their thoughts.
  • 提供解决其他人在一起,寻找调和分歧.
  • 教学指导他人如何采取行动.
  • Company Orientation-Positively seeking methods to support folks.
  • Complex Problem-Solving-Determining complex difficulties and researching relevant data evaluate and to develop alternatives and apply alternatives.
  • Operations Analysis-Studying item prerequisites and requirements to create a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Building or changing products and technologies to function consumer desires.
  • Gear Selection-Determining tools and equipment’s kind needed seriously to perform a work.
  • 安装添加工具, 模型, 缆线连接, 或以一般满足要求的应用程序.
  • Encoding-Writing computer packages for different applications.
  • Operations Monitoring-Viewing calls gauges, or other indications indications to be sure a device is working appropriately.
  • Operations and Control-Controlling procedures of tools or programs.
  • Maintenance-Accomplishing routine upkeep on tools and identifying when.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining causes of operating blunders and deciding what direction to go about it.
  • Mending-Mending devices or techniques utilising the equipment that are necessary.
  • Quality Control Examination-Conducting checks and assessments of goods, 解决方案, 或程序,评估性能或优秀.
  • View and Decision-Making-Taking into consideration the comparable prices and advantages of activities that are prospective to find the one that is most suitable.
  • Analysis-Deciding how a technique should perform and just how modifications in situations, 企业, along with the environment will influence effects.
  • Methods Evaluation-Distinguishing actions or symptoms of performance as well as right or the behavior needed seriously to improve performance, 根据设备的野心.
  • Time-Management-Controlling the private occasion as well as others’ 一期.
  • Administration of Savings-Identifying how money will soon be spent to have the task completed, 和销售这些费用.
  • Management of Materials Methods-Receiving and experiencing to the suitable usage of of amenities products, and materials resources needed seriously to do selected work.
  • Operations of Employees Resources-Aiming persons because they, 发展, 并鼓励工作, 识别为事业非常最好的人.
培训资质 工作经验要求
  • 博士后教育
  • 博士水平
  • 大师 ’ s 程度
  • 结束 4 年, 高达 6 年和包括
  • SuccessANDWork – 92.19%
  • 耐力 – 94.47%
  • 倡议 – 92.87%
  • 领导 – 93.17%
  • 合作 – 96.27%
  • 关于其他问题 – 98.20%
  • 文化的前进方向 – 92.92%
  • 自我控制 – 92.83%
  • 承受压力 – 93.20%
  • 通用性/流动性 – 93.94%
  • 可靠性 – 95.06%
  • 专注于方面 – 96.32%
  • 诚信 – 95.60%
  • 独立 – 91.72%
  • 地位 – 87.47%
  • 思考 – 92.96%



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