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贵重金属工人职位描述 / 问责制模板和任务

演员, 退火, 焊料, 收回, 或窗体白金, 魔术, pewter or different metals to other steel items or form bracelets for example candlesticks or goblets.

  • Record and minimize bits including bands, brooches and lockets of necklaces.
  • Solder parts together or complete cracks and holes with metal solder, using propane torches.
  • Shine content by hand or with a polishing wheel.
  • Stab and slice designs that are available in decoration, utilizing hand exercises and search saws.
  • Location and line-up reliable parts in lures and join pieces, using blowtorches and solder.
  • 分析内容以确定的性质例如摩擦, 崎岖不平的底面, 划痕, 或开口, 请求的缺陷修复.
  • 设计和自己伸直扭伤或损毁的文章 .
  • 退火稀有金属材料例如在丙烷范围关于推荐场合的容器, 茶模型, 和转换以钢软化咖啡壶,.
  • 切换形状来分发合金也是为了避免配置的空气的口袋.
  • 想一想,把混合配料, employing treatments and knowledge of ingredientsA substance qualities.
  • Bring castings or accomplished what to storage locations or to work stations that are unique.
  • Heat ingots or alloy mixtures to specific conditions, blend recipes, read off pollutants, and complete shapes to create ingots where areas are cast.
  • Fabricate and style models of new casting shapes, and chipping and switching equipment used to finish solution surfaces.
  • Rout destinations where components should be joined to things, using nav products available.
  • Determine placement for example manages and spouts, and level areas of parts, of additional parts.
  • Kind concavities in soles of articles to enhance security, employing tracing hammers and blows.
  • Weigh completed what record any diversions and to decide dumbbells.
  • Style articles that are gold, including providing and jewellery portions.
  • Peen perimeters of slots or scrapes to repair imperfections, utilizing peening hammers.
  • Items were shaped by secure and initialize lathes to finish internal and outside areas of goods.
  • Investigation referrals resources, examine creation information, and check with serious parties to produce ideas for brand spanking new products.
  • Position articles over snarling raise style places and tools, applying foot-power hammers.
  • Toned entrances and pointed items from cast components, employing band saws.
  • Examine that underside edges of content are degree, by rocking these forth and back on toned materials or using straightedges.
  • Engrave ornamental outlines on items, utilizing engraving instruments.
  • Mud mould components that are inside to remove residue that is glaze, implement new glaze to shapes, and permit it to dry regarding mould construction.
  • Hit tiny tools against articles, or strike them to indent these or reestablish embossing.
  • Cord components such as thighs, spouts, and handles to report figures in preparation for soldering.
  • Retracted available bulges and dents, choosing and employing hammers and dollies having heads that match in curve to article floors.
  • Construct mildew, wrap molds in heat- ladle blend into form opportunities, and tolerant material, practicing throwing processes not as unnecessary to make specific numbers of areas.
  • Castings dehydrated from molds.
  • Epoxy cheap separators to addresses of coffeepots.

  • Reading Comprehension-Comprehending composed content and paragraphs in work-related files.
  • 主动倾听到什么其他人说给总关注,, 花时间去实现正在建造的细节, 问正确的问题, and not interrupting at moments that are improper.
  • Publishing-In writing not as inappropriate for the requirements of the market communicating efficiently,.
  • 说-说-向别人传达正确的信息.
  • 数学应用数学来解决问题.
  • Technology-Applying techniques and clinical guidelines to remedy difficulties.
  • Critical Thinking-Applying judgement and thought to spot the strengths and disadvantages of approaches, 调查结果或替代替代问题.
  • Active-Learning-Knowledge the effects of fresh info regarding both existing and upcoming problem-solving and decisionmaking.
  • Learning Techniques-Choosing and applying instructionPERinstructional strategies and techniques befitting the problem instructing or when learning fresh issues.
  • Checking-TrackingANDExamining effectiveness of oneself, 不同的人, or businesses take corrective steps or to produce changes.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being conscious of othersA responses why they reply because they do and knowledge.
  • OthersI 行为控制改变行动.
  • Persuasion-Persuading others to improve their brains or habits.
  • 讨论 — — 以其他人在一起,希望调和分歧.
  • Assisting-Instructing others how to take action.
  • Service Orientation-Positively looking for methods to help folks.
  • Complex Problem Solving-Determining complicated troubles and researching relevant info to produce and examine alternatives and apply alternatives.
  • Operations Analysis-Studying solution specifications and requires to produce a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Creating or aligning devices and engineering to serve user needs.
  • Equipment Selection-Deciding the type of tools and equipment needed seriously to execute a work.
  • 安装安装程序, 产品, 缆线连接, 或产品,以满足规格.
  • Programming-Producing computer applications regarding uses that are several.
  • 操作监测看到电话功能, or other indicators symptoms to ensure a device is functioning properly.
  • Operation and Handle-Preventing operations of methods or products.
  • Maintenance-Performing routine upkeep on devices and identifying when.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying factors behind functioning problems and selecting how to proceed about it.
  • Fixing-Mending methods or equipment utilising the desired resources.
  • Quality-Control Evaluation-Performing checks and inspections of items, 公司, 或程序,以判断优秀或功能.
  • Judgment and Decisionmaking-Taking into consideration the relative prices and great things about steps that are potential to choose the most appropriate one.
  • Analysis-Determining how a technique should function and just how improvements in situations, 功能, as well as the surroundings may influence effects.
  • Methods Analysis-Determining steps or signs of performance as well as in accordance with the aims of the machine, proper or the actions had a need to strengthen efficiency.
  • 时间管理处理一个 ’ s 自己场合和别人’ 场合.
  • 管理的储蓄决定如何很快就将用资金来获得该完成的任务, 和销售这些支出.
  • 管理产品方法观察与接收功能的正确使用, 齿轮, 产品有的需要做所选的函数.
  • 监管的人员资源获取鼓励, 和指导个人同时他们他们执行, 区分这个职业非常最佳个人.
教育需求 经验要求
  • 高中文凭 (GED 或高中等效认证)
  • 许多大学的课程
  • 结束 1 一年, 高达 24 几个月包括,
  • AchievementsANDWork – 94.10%
  • 坚韧 – 92.54%
  • 动机 – 95.21%
  • 权威 – 79.79%
  • 援助 – 94.21%
  • 关于其他问题 – 90.46%
  • 文化定位 – 81.23%
  • 自我控制 – 89.81%
  • 承受压力 – 91.39%
  • 自定义/多功能性 – 84.88%
  • 可靠性 – 90.16%
  • 专注于细节 – 94.69%
  • 强度 – 82.02%
  • 自由 – 85.11%
  • 创新 – 85.08%
  • 分析性思维 – 89.55%



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